Narrowed down my choices to two.

Narrowed down my choices to two.

This is a discussion on Narrowed down my choices to two. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Saving my money for a new Glock and this GSSF certificate is making my hand itch. Anyway, I am considering the Glock 30sf or a ...

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Thread: Narrowed down my choices to two.

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    Narrowed down my choices to two.

    Saving my money for a new Glock and this GSSF certificate is making my hand itch. Anyway, I am considering the Glock 30sf or a Glock 23. The options in night sights are Trijicons or the Glock night sights. Is their really any difference between these choices of night sights? If so which would serve me better? There are two places listed in my state that are chosen to handle the certificates. One appears to be out of business and the other has a less than stellar reputation for dealing with their customers. Frustrated by this. Any suggestions for my situation? Thanks for the input.

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    Go for the me.
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    Go out of state, only buy from good dealers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    Go for the me.
    +1 from all the reviews I seen on um, the Trijicons are better.

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    Shameless plug. I have some brand new Trijicons for sale. Not that I don't like them, I just went with the XS Big dots instead.
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    The Glock-30 with Trij's...
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    IMO...when you find a dealer to take your GSSF pistol certificate off your hands (you can call Glock and tell them your dilema and I'm sure they'll help).......ordering the Glock with factory night sights will save you money in the long run rather than adding them later. I beleive adding the factory night sight option will only run you an extra $30-$35 over the pistol price alone. You can't buy night sights later and have them installed for much less than $75 unless you buy on EBay and DIY. I've had the Trijicons on a few of my Glocks and still have a set on my G17. But the rest of them are Meprolights, and all future sets for me will be Meprolights as well. Nothing against Trijicons, just my preference, and they are usually $10 cheaper per set.

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    Is it too late to consider the Model 20 or 29? I went 10mm last year and I want everyone to share in my newfound joy.

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    Go with that G23! Boo yah .40 power in a great package!

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    I'd go with the G30sf. But I like Meprolights better than the Trijicons and Glock night sights.

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    You can order from Glock directly and have it sent to your FFL. Call the GSSF and and they hook you up, from my reading at
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    The Glock-30 with Trij's...
    What he said!
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    I have a 30, just got it and love it!
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    Another vote for the G30 and Trijicons...
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