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G26 got a facelift (pics)

This is a discussion on G26 got a facelift (pics) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Nice job. Do you shoot better with the upgrades. As far as the flag, if it's a legal shoot the flag won't make any difference....

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Thread: G26 got a facelift (pics)

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    Nice job. Do you shoot better with the upgrades. As far as the flag, if it's a legal shoot the flag won't make any difference.
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    very nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by RA229 View Post
    Nice job. Do you shoot better with the upgrades.

    as far as accuracy not much changed. the groups seem about the same but i never measured.
    the serrations on the slide make it alot easier for me but in all honesty i originally got the slide because i love the look of a 2 tone plastic gun.
    the stippling made a world of difference as far as grip however in some cases it can grab on my over shirt and occasionally reveal itself if not carefull but being i can grip the gun with wet or oily hands with no problems the pros outweigh the cons.
    the trigger is real nice and smooth with no creep and breaks clean.

    does the mods make me shoot better? no... but it makes things easier for me...

    hope that helps since its hard for me to explain... its easier to just put it in another glock owners hand and say "tell me what you think"
    wich usually results in that person saying "wow" with a big ole smile.

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    Get an FFL. I'd wager that there's more than a few of us who'd send you their pistols for a stippling job after seeing yours. I know I would.

    Man, that does look nice!
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    Very nice work! I like the stipling you've done. Enjoy!

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    Best looking Glock I've seen in years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adaman04 View Post
    Looks good.

    I’m not one of those guys that says never carry a gun with a lighter trigger than factory, but when I saw the pic I wondered what a “jury of your peers” might think of the rebel flag on the gun, especially if you were to shoot a minority in a self-defense situation. They don’t have to be right, they just have to agree.
    You beat me to it!...DIDO
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