Anybody Out There Carry a "Dick Special"?

Anybody Out There Carry a "Dick Special"?

This is a discussion on Anybody Out There Carry a "Dick Special"? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; These guys haven't seen the light of day in years. They've been hiding in the back of my safe. I broke them out the other ...

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Thread: Anybody Out There Carry a "Dick Special"?

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    Question Anybody Out There Carry a "Dick Special"?

    These guys haven't seen the light of day in years. They've been hiding in the back of my safe.

    I broke them out the other day and have re-fallen in love with Colt wheelguns. They lock up tight and are all around outstanding.

    The one on the right is my Detective Spcial. The one on the left is my alloy framed Cobra.

    The Cobra used to belong to the Brandon Manitoba Police Department, hence the BCP crudely etched into the side.

    Next time I head South I am giving serious consideration to taking one of these guys with me instead of my regular EDC.

    Whattaya think???
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    Anybody Out There Carry a "Dick Special"?-picture-023.jpg  

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    Nope, don't carry one, because I've never been fortunate enough to find one at a fair price, or else I'd own one, and it would be a contender for carry use.

    Nice looking ponies ya got though.
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    Very nice. My neighbor has one that sits in his safe.


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    I'm with buckeye,they want way too much money for the old snubbies nowadays,I do get to shoot my friends model 66 when I want and just made him an IWB holster for it
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    I’m lucky, I have two purchased many years ago for considerably less than they cost now. Great little companions riding in a shoulder holster on long road trips.
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    My wife carries her last generation stainless frequently. I sometimes steal it myself. Love it.
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    Those are beauties...I've never managed to acquire a Colt snubbie...
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    Had a D Special several years ago as a BUG...and liked it very much....
    Unfortunately....tight finances forced me to part with it....However, I now have a Colt Agent (alloy frame)...Sweet! OWB in an Uncle Mike's nylon, but secure...and quite comfortable.....

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    Got one in 1993

    I bought one of the last Detective Specials new about 1993. I remember that the store had a special on them, and I bought it for $285. I was attracted by the beautiful blue job on the gun.

    I have carried it a few times in a Desantis belt scabbard holster, and it conceals very well because of its curved contour with no sharp edges, as well as pretty small size. It is only slightly larger than a S&W J frame snubby, but gives you one extra shot. The second picture below shows a size comparison with a S&W 642. Carrying the Colt in a strong side belt holster with the 642 in the weak side pocket gives you a "New York reload" for the Colt.

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    This one was carried in my fathers back pocket as a bug for 20+ years.

    It is in like beat to hell condition, and it will be carried again as soon as my Milt Sparks PMK arrives. (I just did the math it was ordered 23.5 weeks ago)

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    I think it is a crying shame, that Colt does still not make these fine line of revolvers any more. Such a shame.
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    It truly is a shame that Colt hasn't seen fit reintroduce the classic Detective Special in all its traditional goodness.

    I do make use of a Detective Special on occasion. I'm a huge Smith & Wesson revolver fan but prefer the Detective Special over the Smith & Wesson J-Frame .38 Special revolvers. The Detective Special isn't significantly larger than the J-Frame, holds an extra shot, and is easier to shoot with accuracy for me.

    This one dates from 1966.

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    Might if I had one.

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    I carry one I inherited from my Uncle on occasion, he bought it new in 1061 or 1962. It has the longer grip frame, which I bought a tyler t-grip for, really like how it shoots, excellent carry gun IMO. Here's a photo of it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Anybody Out There Carry a "Dick Special"?-colt-ds.jpg  

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    I carry my wife’s 642 from time to time and am currently looking for a good holster for my S&W 66-2 so I can carry it too at times. I personally love the feel of having a wheelgun with me and if I had your two, I would carry them.
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