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Corbon DPX almost killed me.

This is a discussion on Corbon DPX almost killed me. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; this guys videos might help with that grip...hes one of the best and gives some great advice that is easy to understand...has helped my shooting ...

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    this guys videos might help with that grip...hes one of the best and gives some great advice that is easy to understand...has helped my shooting immensely...

    YouTube - Todd Jarrett on pistol shooting.

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    I've had many squibs from all brands, except my reloads, as I visually inspect each primer seated and charged case that runs through the progressive press. They're a fact of life, like guns and magazines that break. I've had 45 auto squibs that cycle the action but won't completely close on the new round, because, thankfully, the squib bullet hadn't completely left the chamber. A cleaning rod down the muzzle tapped it back out. It is considered bad form to use the frame as the hammer.

    Solvent and oil in the chamber and on the bolt face shouldn't kill or weaken a primer. That would make a click instead of a bang. Cleaning the chamber and bolt face are more important for rifle shooters with high pressure cartridges. Most good pistols are designed to work under the most unfavorable conditions. The BUG is for when they don't.
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    Ok, question for the OP.

    What in the world have you done to that ammo. It looks like it has been rolling around in the floorboard of a truck for a couple of years. I understand that you have had the ammo for 7 or so months but seriously it looks like it has not been kept in the best condition.

    I have stuff that has been reloaded lots of times that doesn't look that bad.

    Glad you caught the squib load and didn't damage yourself or any equipment.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Those rounds were just loaded and unloaded into different Mags, and then rechambered.....alot. Nothing that I would consider to be abnormal in how they were treated at all. I hope Cor-Bon can learn something from them when they test them.
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    I was thinking the same thing. Dull from skin oil?
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    I have .45 ammo made in 1948 that looks better than that. You didn't buy that off a boat that sunk in salt water did you?
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