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Advice on ruger p95DC

This is a discussion on Advice on ruger p95DC within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well as of now he is pretty set on a 95 but can't decide between models. He has been messing with my dad 89 and ...

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Thread: Advice on ruger p95DC

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    Well as of now he is pretty set on a 95 but can't decide between models. He has been messing with my dad 89 and my aunts 89dc. He feels more comfortable with a saftey but having a saftey scares me because if you forget or so on... All of you know where I am going. But he is excited and going to a look at a gun store Saturday. This will be his first pistol ever.

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    I got a Ruger P95PR and it really is a great gun. It eats everything I have feed it with out a flaw except for a poor reload that should have never made it to the range.
    It's the same thing as the P95D, but it has a picatinny rail and a non slip textured grip.
    The only problem I have for mine is its hard to find a decent priced nice holster. There are tons of holsters out there for the p95 without the rail, but not so many with the rail.
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    I have a P95 with rail, had a P85 when they first came out. Good, reliable guns, just a little big for concealed carry. Thats why I bought a Kel Tec PF9, it's small enough for concealed carry. The only mistake I MAY have made : I didn't try to find a used (no longer made) Ruger P93 9mm. It accepts Crimson Trace laser grips and the P95 does not. I'm sold on C/T lasers, my wifes Bersa 380 came with them and I have asked Santa to put one under the tree for my PF9...

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    If you get one with a decocker you carry in is DA first shot, SA from there. Can put safety on but do not have too!

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    I bought an older used Ruger P95 decocker a couple years ago as my first semi-auto (I was a die hard revolver guy) and it's awesome. Too big to carry for me, but reliable, very accurate, and I like the decocker, safety, and DA/SA modes. I use it for a groundhog gun and OC on occasion. Good nightstand gun, carry in the truck when I travel. I have a 10 rd mad and a 15 rd mag. The 10 is a little lighter for carry. I personally have a cheap holster since I do not CC this gun.

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    I ordered a leather holster for mine. The holster maker did not have a P95 rail mold so he made it for the non rail and had me bring in the gun to form it. Turned out there was almost no additional forming required. The holster fits great. Can't speak for all leather holsters but I ordered my pancake from Stoner Holsters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulse138 View Post
    Thank you for your opinions. I'll share this information with him and try to get him to spend some money on a nice holster. I know I'm in love with my MTAC. Any other guns around the price range of $300-400 that you guys would suggest? He is set on a 9mm and roughly the size of my glock 19.

    If he's active or retired military or first responder (police, FF, EMT) he could qualify for the LE discount and get a Glock 19 for $398.
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    I had one. I regret selling it if that tells you anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RKirk View Post
    Several years ago I carried and shot IDPA matches with a P95. The pistol is completely reliable and accurate. Ruger stands by their products 100%. I could never master the D/S action and moved on to an XD. I now alternate between between XD and Hi-Power pistols. There is a lot to like about the Ruger P95.
    Although I generally carry a XD 40 sc, I still like my P95. Some folks think that the the P95 a little large for concealed carry. However, if his brother like it, I suggest that he go for it. In my book, for the money, the P95 is a best buy and is American made.
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    Don Humes Makes a EXCELLENT holster for it md.#(H 715 M 93-97) I have one & CC it every now and then NOT BAD ;-)

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