What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts?

This is a discussion on What are your thoughts? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm currently torn between two options that I've been considering and I'd like your help to assist me in figuring out which makes the most ...

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Thread: What are your thoughts?

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    What are your thoughts?

    I'm currently torn between two options that I've been considering and I'd like your help to assist me in figuring out which makes the most sense.

    I just last month applied for my CPL here in WA, and am just about to start carrying. The two guns that I looked at, and had interest in were the SIG P239 and S&W 442. Of the two, I'm leaning towards the SIG simply because at work I carry a SIG P220, so the similar mechanics plus SIG reliability helped it edge out the S&W 442 which was a very close runner up.

    I intend on carrying the P239 in a crossbreed IWB holster, as well as getting a smartcarry holster for it, both of which have been highly recommended on these forums.

    The S&W 442 I was thinking of carrying in either a smartcarry or Galco Ankle Glove holster, which was recommended to me by a Cpl. at work who daily carries one in this very setup.

    Anyways, here are the chooses that I'm stuck between. I recently sold three of my guns that were simply range guns to get some money to get myself geared up. I have enough money for both options, so money isn't the deciding factor. Here goes:

    Option #1: Buy a SIG P239 and CTC Lasergrips for it. The idea behind this option is, this to me will be my primary carry gun, and as such I'd like to get it fully kitted out with CTC lasergrips as my duty weapon has them and I see some tactical advantages in having them. They can also be quite nice for dry fire practice/etc.

    Option #2: Buy a SIG P239 and S&W 442, and wait to add CTC Lasergrips to the P239 down the road. The idea behind this option is, to carry the P239 primarily, but have the small J-frame as another option when I want something a bit lighter, or to simply carry both and treat the J-frame as my BUG to the P239. Basically, the idea is just to have more options when it comes to what I carry, when, where, etc.

    So what are your thoughts? How much value do you see in having the lasergrips? Is it something that is required for a carry gun, or just something that is nice to have but not needed. I should note that I'm also looking into a EDC flashlight, that I want to work into my daily carry routine - so for low-light work I'd have the night sights on the P239 plus a flashlight. Thanks!

    - J

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    I'll take two guns for ____ Alex.

    The grips are "nice" but people have been shooting people just fine without them for quite a while.

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    Two guns are better than one
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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    I'll take two guns for ____ Alex.

    The grips are "nice" but people have been shooting people just fine without them for quite a while.
    Um...I second that! Go for the 2-fer!
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    Sig and the Smith, Not a huge fan of the CTC grips, and the 2 guns is a better option, one goes down you got a back up.
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    Get two guns, and save up for additional accessories. OMO.

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    as said before two guns are always better than one. They will serve you well and give you options for carrying.
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    two is one and one is none. Get the two guns.
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    Two over one here too...

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    IMO One is none, two is One.
    I know not what this "overkill" means.

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    Mo guns is almost always mo better, especially if it's a matter of carrying 1 or 2.

    You can always add the CT's later, but I'd go for the two guns now. Sounds like a good carry combination.

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    I'd take 2 over 1 anyday.....

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    I would take two guns any day.

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    I voted with the majority. Rather have two guns than one and some accessories.

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    Is this a trick question?
    I'll take a '2-fer' any day.
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