Ruger .44 cal Red Hawk .... questions

Ruger .44 cal Red Hawk .... questions

This is a discussion on Ruger .44 cal Red Hawk .... questions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I keep going back to the Ruger Red Hawk .44 cal with the 5.5" barrel and have been wanting one. I ran into a couple ...

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Thread: Ruger .44 cal Red Hawk .... questions

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    Ruger .44 cal Red Hawk .... questions

    I keep going back to the Ruger Red Hawk .44 cal with the 5.5" barrel and have been wanting one. I ran into a couple for a good price, but my question is... how is the 5.5 " barrel. I have only shot the .44 cal in a 7.5" barrel, and I'm wondering how much the 2" shorter barrel affects recoil, accuracy (if at all), etc. I see they have one that has a 4.2" barrel, but I don't think I would go there at all in a .44 cal. gun.

    Opinions on the gun ? on the 5.5" barrel (recoil, etc) vs the 7.5" barrel ? Alternative guns for comparison ?

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    A buddy of mine has one and he loves it. I've shot it a few times...seemed fine to me but I don't have experience with another 44 for comparison. I have a Ruger Service Six in 357 with a 4 inch barrel and it's great.
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    I had a 6" S&W 629 Classic and the Redhawk is heavier. It's built like a tank...You'll get a little more muzzle rise out of the 5.5" than the 7.5", but not enough to make a difference... It had less recoil than my 629...I would go for the 5.5" over the 7.5" OMO...
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    The 5.5" Redhawk is a strong, accurate revolver. Recoil is no worse than any other .44, and I never noticed any extra muzzle rise, compared to similar lenght barrels on other guns. I wish I hadn't traded it! Someday I'll buy another one.

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    I actually like the the shorter barrels on 44 mag. 4 to 4 1/2 inch barrels are just easier for me to carry. Easier for me to draw. Make a better all around ranch/working gun. I think Elmer Kieth's famous long range mule deer shot was done with a 4 1/2 in barrel. Last long barrel I had was S&W with 8 3/8 barrel. I found it about as easy to carry a rifle.
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    I have and regularly carry a 4" Redhawk in 44 Mag. It is a great gun. It handles well and while the recoil is stout, it is manageable. And I love the gun.

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    My 5.5 inch Redhawk 44 shoots great. I did replace the factory grips with some Pachmyer grips. Heavy loads with the factory grips ate my hands up. With hot loads you get more of a push than you do a muzzle flip, with the Redhawk IMO.

    If I pay attention to what I am doing, hitting bowling pins 30 to 50 percent of the time at 100 yds isn't out of the question. I picked the 5.5 over the 7.5 because I didn't want it to take half the day to get it out of the holster when hunting.

    I wouldn't switch to a 7.5 myself.
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    I had a Ruger Redhawk .44 mag (7.5 in barrel) with a scope when I lived in AK. Yes, it has quite a kick , but t was accurate and deadly.
    The extra barrel length provided a more accurate shot at a distance, and in AK that was important.
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    I have one with the 8 & 3/8 barrel and love it. It is my hunting gun. The 5.5 should work for what ever you would like to do with the gun. IMO its the best 44 mag on the market.
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