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10 Rounds of .40 or 14 Rounds of 9MM?

This is a discussion on 10 Rounds of .40 or 14 Rounds of 9MM? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 14 over 10 in the same size package and both viable defensive calibers. No matter how much I practice and how capable I am, there ...

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Thread: 10 Rounds of .40 or 14 Rounds of 9MM?

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    14 over 10 in the same size package and both viable defensive calibers. No matter how much I practice and how capable I am, there is no telling what threat may present itself. The only thing that keeps me from carrying my XDm with 19 rd mags is the size of the darn thing. I have enough trouble concealing the xdsc. So I carry the xdsc and a spare 16 rd mag.
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    I voted for the 9mm only because of the capacity. That said, I carry either of my two 1911's (5" and 4"). Yes, I do have to take two extra magazines and it is a bit heavy, relative to other commercial offerings. The 1911 is what I have used for a number of years. I'm good with it, know it, trust it, can deploy in any condition and I just don't miss too much. I sold a .40 to get a second 1911. I'm getting to the age where simple is better. I like consistent muscle memory and don't feel the need to make a lot of changes. But that's me. The pistol you're contemplating is an excellent choice. I'd still recommend at least one extra magazine, whether you go with the 9mm or the .40.

    BTW - welcome to the Forum!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy Mike View Post
    I'd also rather not carry a spare magazine
    In that case, I would go with the 9mm and fill it with premium ammo. If you're concerned about the power differential of the 9 vs. the .40, you can choose +P.

    I would carry a spare mag (or two) myself, but for your situation, it's your call.

    I believe the XD to be a reliable platform, but what are your plans if the gun jams at a most inopportune time, or if you have a magazine failure? Not trying to flame you--just wondering what your backup plans are.

    Murphy has stalked me a few times, so I prefer to have a backup plan or two in place, just in case.

    Is concealment the reason you don't want to carry an extra mag, or do you just think it isn't necessary?

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    I prefer 17 of 9mm personally, but 14 would be a good second choice.

    Somewhere on here is a pretty good writeup by JD on why he made the choice for 19 of 9mm.

    I will see if I can find the thread.

    Here is it, enjoy the read.


    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guns and more View Post
    Here's my take. 9mm is cheaper. So it's easier to go to the range and practice. Practice makes perfect (or so my mom told me.)
    So, you are better served with a gun you practice with.

    I think that sums it up, no one else need respond.
    Practice doesn't make perfect... Practices makes improvements, because you always can get better.

    I voted for the .40, i also bought a M&P40 over the M&P9... for a few reasons

    1.) (15+1)+stopping power= dead target. I go up north in black bear country. Wanted a little more than a 9mm. Down here in the city see reason #3

    2.) Didn't get a .45 because the ammo is to expensive and i love to shoot, alot!

    3.) I asked the Macomb County Sheriff what he carries? he said the .40cal
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    Well, 9mm because of ammo factors not round capacity.
    I dont like .40cal , I prefer 45ACP or 9mm. Just my thoughts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchellCT View Post
    If you are asking questions like 9mm v. 40S&W, the answer is get training from a reputable instructor.
    Good point. But just for kicks, I voted for the .40, not because of a 40 over 9mm thing, but simply because if I can't get out of it with 10 rounds, four more ain't gonna mean didly squat.
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    I picked the 10 rounds of .40 only because 10 rounds of .45 wasn't a choice.
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    In many defensive situations it can be difficult to hit a target. I want one hit to count as much as possible because the odds of hitting twice in a row are alot less than hitting once.

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    I went with 14 9mm rounds.Because I don't like the 40 S&W round.If my choice was 10mm I would have to think more about it.
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    I have standardized on 9mm, so I voted for the 9mm. Personally I believe there is going to be little difference once a fight starts. All I can think of that would really matter is getting rounds on target, and that's about it.

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    I recently posted a long reply and some opinion on .40 vs. 9mm.
    I personally would rather shoot a 9mm rather than most .40S&W.

    I own both. The Sig's that I own are very smooth in 9mm. I think they were designed that way. I have a couple .40S&W that I do not like as well.

    As much as I like Sig Sauer for most pistols, there is only one I really like to shoot. It is the Kimber. Mine is A 1911 custom. There is nothing like it. I shoot my 9mm or my .40S&W and there is recoil.

    The Kimber is all Stainless Steel, 5" , .45 cal, very well balanced. It is hard to describe and difficult to compare to anything else other than it is a fine piece of machinery.
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    The only round that has ANY stopping power is the one that hits the target, regardless of caliber.

    A 9mm that hits it's target is better than a .44mag that misses.

    I have no worries carry my 9sc. That said I voted for .40 only because I actually enjoy shooting it a bit more.

    No hand gun caliber will guarantee you of a one shot stop - unless you take out the central nervous system. And there have been folks that have survived head shots with .44's. So, whatever you carry be prepared to shoot until the threat stops.
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    my local range has over 100 different guns you can rent, and I have shot almost every 9mm and .40 they have in the rack. my personal preference is the .40. My usp compact holds 12 and is not all that big.
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    I feel so impotent... other than my daily field snubbie, all my carry guns are single stack in 9mm, .40 s&w and .45acp. Actually, I feel pretty comfortable with the 8 rounds in any of them, and an occassional spare mag.


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