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10 Rounds of .40 or 14 Rounds of 9MM?

This is a discussion on 10 Rounds of .40 or 14 Rounds of 9MM? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Ivy Mike No longer a lurker, I'm now registered and ready to contribute after finding this great forum. Just wanted to get ...

View Poll Results: 10 Rounds of .40 or 14 Rounds of 9MM???

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  • 14 Rounds of 9MM

    125 50.81%
  • 10 Rounds of .40

    121 49.19%
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Thread: 10 Rounds of .40 or 14 Rounds of 9MM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy Mike View Post
    No longer a lurker, I'm now registered and ready to contribute after finding this great forum.

    Just wanted to get a pulse on what most people would decide between two guns being equal in all aspects except caliber and capacity. All things being equal, would you rather have a 9MM that holds 14 rounds or a .40 caliber that hold 10 rounds? I've kinda of decided on getting a Springfield sub-compact XD but can't decide upon the caliber. Love that the 9MM holds 14 in such a small package but would love to have the stopping power of the .40. Is it worth losing those 4 rounds to get the .40? I know shot placement is king and caliber is queen which makes me lean towards the 9MM. Any other suggestions are welcome (besides Glock). Sorry, wish I could force my self to like the Glock but it just doesn't feel as good as the XD.

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Unless you're high profile, I'd say that 10 rounds (and maybe an extra mag) is good to go in the daily average life. I don't think 10 vs 14 is really a dilemma for me.

    I know I would not like shooting the 40 in anything less than a full size pistol. A sub-compact XD would jump quite a bit, even with 180 grain bullets. I actually like shooting 357 out of compacts more than shooting 40 out of compacts, but that's just me.
    If you're confident shooting the 40, then go for it.

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    I shoot the 9 better than the 40, and the 45 better than the other two. Rounds on target and no malfunctions is what matters at the end of the day.

    Try the gun you want in both calibers and decide for yourself before buying. Rent in gun stores+ranges/ask in forums if anyone is willing to let you do a test drive. Offer the guy a 20rnd box of ammo after you are done shooting the gun as a thank you.
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    40 S&W is what I use day in and day out. It has plenty of Oomph for what I need. I don't look at round count specifically either..

    Bottom line: Shoot/use what is comfortable with what you can handle.

    Glock27/ KaBar TDI/ MTAC Holster. I have more also, but this combination works well..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGP250 View Post
    I recently posted a long reply and some opinion on .40 vs. 9mm.
    I personally would rather shoot a 9mm rather than most .40S&W.

    I own both. The Sig's that I own are very smooth in 9mm. I think they were designed that way. I have a couple .40S&W that I do not like as well.

    As much as I like Sig Sauer for most pistols, there is only one I really like to shoot. It is the Kimber. Mine is A 1911 custom. There is nothing like it. I shoot my 9mm or my .40S&W and there is recoil.

    The Kimber is all Stainless Steel, 5" , .45 cal, very well balanced. It is hard to describe and difficult to compare to anything else other than it is a fine piece of machinery.
    See it is personal choice... I have shot my cousins Ruger P89D 9mm and don't like it... I bought a S&W M&P40...like it alot better... depends on the gun too...
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    Wow, looking at the poll results as of this Thanksgiving morning it's an absolute coin flip. 97 votes a piece. It looked like the 9MM was goinig to run away with it, not any more.

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    I voted 10 of .40, only because it's a larger supersonic round.
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    I voted 9.

    More ammo without having to reload. I plan and prepare based on multiple attackers... preferring none of course... ;-)

    But what I choose may not be the best for you.

    I suggest that you find some way to shoot both and under some "real-life" circumstances if possible.

    It's not just the gun per se.

    It's also the ammo... and the specific sights you have on them... and the holster and how you carry it.

    Heck... even a belt can impact you ability to deliver accurate and fast fire... and can also effect how long and how much you carry.

    In the end... the ONLY weapon you need to focus on is YOU!

    Everything else is just a tool that supports the "mission".

    Some like the 40... some the 9... some would not do less than the 45.

    But remember that none of them "does the work for you"...

    YOU do the work. Pick what you are confident in. And remember it's more than just the "gun" since a right gun with the wrong ammo is exactly like the wrong gun.
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    I voted the 40s/w round..with a spare clip...if you can't hit your target with 10 rounds...give the gun up...or throw it at the bg...I prefer the 40/45acp rounds for self defence...and it's just my opinion....plus I like the 40/45acp rounds...


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    I respect the .40 S&W, but personally, I would take even 10 rounds of 9MM over even 14 of .40. You may have a different take on it, and that is great.

    I just shoot nine better.

    I do own a couple of .40s, both GLOCKs.

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    I voted 10 rounds of .40. I like the round better.

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    This has been the biggest debate since different calibers have been invented. You either want bigger bullets and less of them or smaller bullets, moving faster, and more of them. There is no right or wrong answer, just personal opinion. There will never be a clear cut "right" answer to this question and to be honest in the end asking is nothing but a waist of time and server space. But Hey if you derive something useful from all the opinions then it's all worth it right? Next time the search feature will uncover a lot of other interesting topics, including this one, that have been covered before, or beaten like a dead horse.

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    Don't matter if it's a 9 or a 40. It all comes down to a good SD round and MUCH more importantly, a well placed shot/shots.
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    Molon Labe!

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    This has been beat to death on all forums. It comes down to what you are comfortable shooting, there both effective stoppers. I shoot 9, 40 and 45 and can't say which I like best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsterguy View Post
    Don't matter if it's a 9 or a 40. It all comes down to a good SD round and MUCH more importantly, a well placed shot/shots.

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    14 rounds of 9mm.

    There's not enough of a difference between the two to be significant. There is no such thing as "knockdown" power with a handgun and "stopping power" is a result of putting rounds into vital target areas. Whether those rounds are 9mm or .40 is irrelevant.

    On top of that, you will almost assuredly shoot better with the 9mm (faster follow-up shots with the 9mm while maintaining the same accuracy standard) due to less recoil. The 9mm is also cheaper to buy which means you can practice more.
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