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Selecting a Handgun for Defense: Part 1. Semi-Automatics

This is a discussion on Selecting a Handgun for Defense: Part 1. Semi-Automatics within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I finally had the time to sit down and thoroughly digest your post. Excellent Job! A#1. I'm glad you took the time to put in ...

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Thread: Selecting a Handgun for Defense: Part 1. Semi-Automatics

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    I finally had the time to sit down and thoroughly digest your post.

    Excellent Job! A#1.

    I'm glad you took the time to put in the work on it as I will be sending this on to a couple of folks I know looking for a first gun purchase.

    Again, Great Work!
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    An excellent job!

    Dear Sir,

    This was an excellent piece of writing. Thank you for a job well done.

    [I feel frustrated that anyone feels the need 'improving' your work. Let them spend a weekend writing this quality analysis and recommendations. A thank you would suffice.]

    Semper Fi.
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    Question first pistol for my wife?

    My wife and I have just started shooting. I have (and love) my Glock 26. She will use it under protest and does not like the recoil and the muzzle flash. She enjoyed the (borrowed) .22 she used to qualify for her CWP. I realize that a .22 might not be the best gun for her to carry but any gun is better than no gun and the question then becomes WHICH gun. In particular, which .22 as her first gun. I may be able to talk her up to a .380 (?Glock 28?) in the future but right now the question is which .22... We are considering a Walther P22, a Taurus PT22, S&W 22A, maybe a beretta if we can find one. What would you suggest???

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    Wink I know it's illegal

    I know the Glock 28 and 25 are not legal in the US, that's why it is in (??).

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    Good Job JD! Excellent read!
    God Bless the troops...especially the snipers!
    -LaRue Tactical -

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    Very good read thank you for posting it, I too will look forward to reading parts two and three.

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    New 2 guns

    Though i've been browsing & posting here for a short time as a gun owner 2 B this article was my 1st stop 2day. Your info is outstanding and though i've come across some of the same there are super beneficial parts i've read for the 1st time. Prior to your read i've settled on a ballpark size that matches your outcome and caliber will be a 9 or .45 since an auto is the choice for my 1st buy. Shop n shoot is my next stop and using the trig info i read here will help out big time........thnx

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    Thank You JD, Great read, tons of very good information.

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    Nice write up. I think you should try to sell it to the NRA. It would be a good read in the American Rifleman.

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    Nice job JD.

    The only thing I would add to your article based on my own experience and my wife's are the follow about gun fit.
    1. The gun must fit your hand and feel right. My wife like much bigger grips than I do even though I'm almost twice her size. Go to a gun shop or gun show and to a touch and feel session to get a short list of the guns that feel "right" and then go from there. She loves Sigs but I cant stand the grip.
    2. The gun must point naturally for you. The hold the gun in your hand and with your eyes closed bring the pistol up to eye height then open them. The sights should point where you looking not up and not down otherwise the gun grip shape, size and cant don't naturally fit your hand. Example: Two handed grip on a Glock for me I can shoot just fine but one handed it points above the target because the bottom of the grip sticks out more than my M&P so pushes the nose of the Glock up at the sky. So M&Ps work perfectly for me.

    Just my 2 cents...

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    JD! Nice write up!! You did forget to mention the "For the love of GOD, don't buy a 1911" part, but otherwise very thorough.

    Lets get together, brother Marine. We have an Iowa CCW class to prep, rehears, and promote!

    "What does Marcellus Wallace LOOK like?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK Dan View Post
    JD! Nice write up!! You did forget to mention the "For the love of GOD, don't buy a 1911" part, but otherwise very thorough.

    Lets get together, brother Marine. We have an Iowa CCW class to prep, rehears, and promote!

    Say when.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alnitak View Post
    Nice job, JD. A solid introduction to the defensive semi-auto for new gun buyers. I can't disagree with anything written (though I don't necessarily share your opinion of micro-9mm like the PM9 and Rohrbaugh ).

    I know this subject has been discussed before. I wish I could see my past posts, because in one thread I laid out 10 or 11 "considerations" (not really criteria) for a CCW weapon -- things like, size, weight, reliability, caliber, etc. Many of the items you discussed, but there may be another one or two to supplement your discussion.

    Great job! Looking forward to parts 2 & 3.
    Does this look familar?????????

    1. Here's my post on another forum regarding CCW weapon selection. It echoes many of your thoughts, although the categories may be slightly different (and the conclusion at the end was very specific to my own requirements...not intended to be a general recommendation) --

    "It occurs to me, after some time and thinking on this that our needs for a CCW are different. My CCW needs would look something like (may not be all inclusive):
    o Concealability ... doesn't have to be a pocket gun, but weight, slimness, size all matter; generally, smaller is better (though there are disadvantages to the Rohrbaugh size -- more later); the more options for concealability, the better (e.g., ankle, pants pocket, jeans hip pocket, sportcoat pocket, overcoat pocket, inside jacket pocket, IWB tuckable, IWB non-tuck, OWB, etc.), with extra weight given to the more frequent methods (for me, IWB tucked).
    o Caliber ... minimum .380mm, with 9mm, 40mm, .44, and .45 better yet
    o Shootability ... combination of feel in hand (grip, balance, etc.), how easy it naturally points, felt recoil (P3AT and Rohrbaugh take a hit here), sight picture, comfort, trigger, etc.
    o Accuracy ... measured at 10 yards, minimum, with accuracy at longer ranges a plus up to 25 yards; my CCW is not intended to be a shove-in-their-chest-and-fire only weapon, or even a 7-10 yards only weapon; adjustable and night sights are better than fixed (which means that ones like Rohrbaugh, CW9, etc. meet minimum but don't excel)
    o Capacity ... self-evident -- the more the better, including reloads; classic criteria for revolver vs. semi-auto
    o Reliability ... Must fire every time; simplicity of design; not sensitive to SD ammo; low likelihood of failure; dependable and durable; however, don't need military grade (made with more tolerances to withstand adverse conditions, however, generally pay a premium in weight, cost, inaccuracy, etc.); does NOT have to be a range gun however -- I am not putting 10,000 rounds a year down range (so, my CCW could be a Rohrbaugh even though it has to have the recoil spring replaced every 100-150 rounds)
    o Supportibility ... Can I get it repaired if it breaks (not necessarily by me)? Are there a number of holsters out there I can choose from? Can I buy extra mags, including non-OEM?
    o Quality .. fit and finish (or will I have to do a buff job on it); machining of parts (e.g., forged vs. MIM vs. cast); steel vs. polymer, especially on internal parts like rails; appealing looks and feel; rounded edges; pinned vs. dovetail sights, polygonal barrel, etc.
    o Price/value ... assuming the same quality, lower price is better, though willing to pay for better quality; certainly there's an upper limit (which, for me, the Rohrbaugh exceeds)
    o Compatibility ... with other guns I own, commonality of ammo, ability to reload, etc.
    o CCW intangibles ... black vs. bi-tone vs. stainless; DA vs. DA/SA; safety -- manual, grip, none, trigger; decocker vs. none; intimidating appearance to BGs (doesn't matter to me); positioning of mag release (see PPS), ammo flexibility (+P vs. std vs. +P+, bullet weight, practice vs. SD ammo, etc.)
    Under these criteria, the Kahr came out ahead of the Rohrbaugh, G26, P3AT, LCP, PF-9, P-11, S&W 642/442, Walther PPK/S and PPS, XD9sc and S&W M&P, and various SIG and H&K models. Having said that, I will probably own several of them over time since no one gun met all my needs. For example, a P3AT/LCP is the lightest, most concealable package out there, with the Rohrbaugh a close second (and gets my vote because of the caliber). There will be times during the summer where I will need that level of concealability. The M&P and XD came close, and had the edge in capacity, and in the XD's case, dependability. If convenient to carry OWB, I would love to have an XD, SIG or M&P on the hip. But, for the one gun I could afford, given my current needs and ease of carry across the year, the Kahr came out ahead."

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    Well done Sir.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I like it. Very good
    NRA Certified Rifle/Pistol Instructor

    Accuracy ALWAYS WINS! So carry what you can hit with.

    If you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics stink.

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