Bersa Thunder .380ACP

Bersa Thunder .380ACP

This is a discussion on Bersa Thunder .380ACP within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I need to know the good and bad of this gun any help would greatly be appreciated!!...

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Thread: Bersa Thunder .380ACP

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    Bersa Thunder .380ACP

    I need to know the good and bad of this gun any help would greatly be appreciated!!

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    Can't really say anything bad about mine. Reasonably accurate, no failures to feed or eject, not much recoil. The grip screws will loosen up when firing, but a little blue loc-tite or clear finger nail polish will fix that. It is as big as some of the smaller 9mm pistols, so maybe not as attactive as it originally was. I would buy another if in the market for a .380

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    I have a friend who just bought one and loves it. His only complaint is in finding ammo.
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    the bersa thunder concealed carry is the nicer model...
    Wife wanted one, she shoots it very well.

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    I carry one daily.....very accurate/dependable with any ammo I've used.
    Good. solid. underated piece.

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    I own the Thunder CC (.380). Very reliable and fun to shoot. Perfect size for the wife. When loaded with premium defensive ammo it's plenty potent and with 8+1 I'd say that it will do it's job. Light and easy to carry, snag-free design, and easy on the eyes. What's not to like?

    The rate of exchange between USA and Argentina means that Argentina is just about the only place on the planet where one dollar is a huge amount of money. If Bersa's were made in Germany they'd cost more than double what they do now.

    So, they are one of the best values on the gun market today IMHO.

    More photos of my Bersa here.

    Also check out one of my favorite forums,

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    Years ago the Bersa would get you laughed out of a gun shop, just like the Davis, Lorcin, Cobras etc.... But they have come a long way. Heck even I have one, lol!!!! For rounds I carry nothing but Buffalo Bore, the smaller the round the more of a hot load I want!!!

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    My experience has been all good:

    -Very accurate
    -Soft recoil
    -Inexpensive to purchase
    -decent sights
    -Reliable; mine was 100% with anything I've ever put in it

    -It's size; if you can carry this there are lot's of 9mm options in the same size package; I have a hard time justifying carrying a .380 which is nominal (or worse) for self defense when I can carry a 9mm just as conveniently
    -Availability and cost of .380 ammo. It's expensive and not readily available and higher end ammo is almost ridiculous for cost
    -has a VERY heavy double action pull which is what you're facing if yiou carry this for self defense. Most people load it with one in the chamber and leave the safety off. It's safe but the first round requires a heavy double action pull; after that it's an "ok" single action pull. The safety is small and still and not something I'd want to be messing with in a SD situation. I don't know if the DA pull can be lightened. I suspect a good gunsmith could but it's likely to cost you as much as the gun and again, if you're going to spend that much money you should at least consider a 9mm.

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    I agree with Gideon. .380 ammo is hard to find. I looked into getting the Bersa and found reviews were mixed. I handled one at a store was was surprised at its size--big for a .380, especially compared to the P3AT and others.

    I considered it for a pocket gun, but it's too big. When you can get a Glock 29 (9mm) or 27 (.40) in the same size gun (or one of many other sub-compact makes), I don't see any advantage of the Bersa Thunder other than it's a few bucks less.

    You need to consider what you want in a firearm: size and concealibility?; stopping power?; number of rounds?; dependability and reliability?

    Once you sort out your priorities, you can determine what to look for. Don't let the name-brand lovers lead you astray. There're advantages and disadvantages to every make and model. I don't think any one model is perfect for every occasion.

    For me, the Glock 30 in .45 auto was what I chose based on stopping power, availability, and price, in that order. Is it the perfect gun? No. I changed out the slide lock lever and painted the white dots sights dayglo orange. It made a good gun better (for me).
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    I have one that is my wife's gun. She doesn't have her CCW yet and because it is a little large for a petite gal we will probably get her an LCP or P3AT when she actually decides to carry. Even with that I think we will keep the Bersa. It's reliable, simple, and plain fun to shoot. It goes bang every time you pull the trigger.
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    i considered a bersa for small carry but there are so many small 9s in the same size range now it seems like less than a good bet unless youre looking for a gun with a bit more manageable kick...ive heard nothing but good things about them at the range...but the availability and expense of .380 makes it less than economical for the range...

    in a .380 i'm going pocket carry...(lcp, pf9, tcp) the bersa size range i'm thinking a small 9 is a better buy...

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    I have a regular Thunder .380 which has become a safe queen due to the fact I can carry my Taurus PT111 for about the same size/weight. It is incredibly accurate and easy to shoot. My fiancee had actually stolen it from me she liked it so much. Since she found a .380cc I got it back. Both Bersas are well made, excellent F&F, very accurate, and 100% reliable with any .380 run through them. Can't beam them for the money.

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    IMO, the BEST value for the money out there, hands down.

    They aren't finished as nicely as a SIG or H&K, but they are tough, very reliable and really accurate .380s. I sold my 380CC a few weeks ago, and am already regretting it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmontrose1 View Post
    the bersa thunder concealed carry is the nicer model...
    Wife wanted one, she shoots it very well.
    No doubt, the Bersa .380 CC is a good choice. My wife and I both have one. They are great during warmer months when wearing light clothes. During winter months I carry my Bersa .45 UC which is also a reliable, accurate carry piece.

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    Seems by previous posts that my experience(s) w/the BERSA T380 are definitely in the MINORITY.

    Anyways, bought the wifey a BERSA T380 for her to use as her CCW almost 2 yrs ago for $300 and have unfortunately found it to quite problematic.

    We've experienced the following:
    - rear sites fell off after 50 rounds
    - trigger re-set spring/retaining E-Clip fell off into the grips
    - safety decocker so stiff/tight it took 2 thumbs to engage/disengage.
    - VERY prone to FTF's due to ammo brand and "limp-wrisitng" so you basically have to squeeze the living crap out of it.
    - "hail-mary" accuracy at anything over 5yrds
    - considerable recoil??? 60+ rounds....yer done. - Hands hurt to much - I'm guessing due to the blow-back design and fixed frame barrel?
    - it's DEMANDS constant cleaning. It fouls and jams considerably after 60+ rounds (WWB) and requires a COMPLETE field stripping and scrubbing to maintain which in itself tends to be a pain.

    Now we did have success sending it in to CGW (Colorado Gun Works) to have any/all mechanical issues addressed w/good results:
    - Trigger disconnect spring/E-Clip - FIXED (upgraded parts)
    - Safety Decocker - FIXED (removed burrs)
    - Rear Sites - FIXED (gun re sighted)

    And we did a wide variety of ammo brand "rotation" and found that ours likes PMC 95grn FMJ brand, and it seems to eat FED HYDRA-SHOK 90grn JHP decently. And with that, it's overall accuracy has greatly improved. Although I still wouldn't consider it an everyday range gun.

    The gun itself the wifey still likes,(she did after all pick it) but for me it's definitely fallen out of favor as a RELIABLE weapon for CCW. So much so that we're currently planning to replace it for her w/a new SIG P238.
    - But that too is debatable, due to due to the extreme $$$$ in .380 ammo and it's limited availability + the fact the problems w/the P238 seem to be mounting as well.

    If your set on purchasing a BERSA just a heads-up... you may just get what you pay for........
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