The Gun You Want, vs. the Gun You Need..

The Gun You Want, vs. the Gun You Need..

This is a discussion on The Gun You Want, vs. the Gun You Need.. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay, this is a departure for me- I do not initiate threads much, and I am not an expert like many on this board. (I ...

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Thread: The Gun You Want, vs. the Gun You Need..

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    The Gun You Want, vs. the Gun You Need..

    Okay, this is a departure for me- I do not initiate threads much, and I am not an expert like many on this board. (I know lots about old shotguns, but not so much about pistols or self-defense). Anyway, I have a CONJECTURE. It's origin is in my observation of guys who collect and shoot older shotguns, believe it or not. I know many folks who have a gun they really like- usually an older sidelock side-by with way too short a stock, too much drop, too little weight, short chambers, often a small bore with steep cones, etc. They love the gun, take it afield, and shoot it poorly. They have an image in their minds of themselves, shooting that gun at driven birds in Scotland or something. In this vision, they shoot it well, sort of like Lord Ripon I suppose. But of course they do not shoot it so well. (I am somewhat guilty of this also.) They desperately want to shoot it well- they love the gun, and they wish it loved them back. But it doesn't. And it won't.
    What does this have to do with CCW issues? Just this- I think the same thing happens here, but the stakes are MUCH HIGHER. Like most of us, I have no experience in gunfights beyond having seen a shooting once when I lived in New Orleans. Very scary. How would I react if I faced a shooting incident totally unexpectedly, with family there I must care for?? I do not know. Thus, I carry only a double action revolver. No safety, no manipulation, no nothing. If you can remember to pull the trigger, it will fire. It will not fail to work. Is it a perfect gun? Yes, I think so, since it is the gun I need.
    So, my question: are you sure you have the gun you need? Or do you carry the gun you want ??? I of course cannot speak for anyone else, nor would I want to. What do you think?
    God Bless.
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    I like you am no expert, however my knowledge of revolvers is very limited. I carry a Sig P220 Carry, I can shoot it fast and accurately as well as the 1911. I grew up on the 1911 and was the first pistol that I shot. I have carried and shot the M9 Berreta in the Marines. So I am more familer with SA than I am revolvers in fact I have only shot on revolver in my life. Your question is very good one though I feel that I carry what I am best with and most comfortable with. My answer to your question is that I carry what I want, but based on what I shoot best and I am comfortable with.

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    I love my Glock-36, it works every time, I've taken several 'extended' SD pistol courses, I practice...hey, I'm no expert, but I know how to use my 'tools'...I hope I never have to make a split-second decision.
    I'm comfortable with what I carry.
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    Good post,,
    I believe for the most part that in the arena of handguns and self defense, the majority of people choose the correct tool, but I believe some may get caught up in the line of thinking as follows,

    Lets see, I'm a family man With a wife and 3 kids, and we sure need a mini van, but that corvette is calling me

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    No shooter more dedicated to his weapon than a revolver man. All the benefits you name are identical to the Glock, except you get 18 rounds on board instead of six.
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    I think most of us carry utilitarian firearms for ccw. I have never known anyone who carries a not-modern handgun. Reliability, ease or use, and safe to drop make it a good idea.

    Another thing
    i think about when purchasing a firearm, is this what I want, what I need, or what will become illegal to purchase in the next few years.

    I tend to buy things that meet 2 of the above 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nutz4utwo View Post
    I have never known anyone who carries a not-modern handgun.
    How about the 1911 guys?

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    I've seen revolvers choke over the years. Mostly ammo related but parts breakage, cylinders binding, ect. can happen as well. It may not happen as often but don't be fooled into thinking it can't.
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    I know what you mean. I started shooting with a 1911. I really like the 1911, and thought it was what I wanted to carry. After realizing that I did not practice enough with the 1911 (forgetting to swipe the thumb safety off in a couple different simulated self-defense scenarios), I went to carrying the HK 45C with the Variant 1 DA/SA configuration.

    I still want and will have a Colt Special Combat Carry and a Dan Wesson CBOB, but I doubt I will ever carry them.

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    This is a good post and I've observed the same dynamics. However, I would add that the revolver is not as flawless as we are often led to believe. For instance, I once bought a Colt Agent that froze up during dry firing and had to be returned to the dealer. I've also seen hammer mounted firing pins break on S&Ws. At the same time, I've seen Glocks go and go with no issues. Years ago, semiautos may not have had the same reliability as today, but that has changed. As a general rule, revolvers are probably more reliable, but anything made by man can malfunction. Agree you should have a gun you know will work reliably and can fire accurately.

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    I have a Glock 30 for many reasons. But, I want them all. I need different guns for different occasions.

    I've had Ruger Blackhawks, Contenders (That 14 in. barrel is tough to conceal!), DA revolvers. There's few I wouldn' tlike to have for one reason or another. However, I think the Glock's reliability says it all for a self-defense firearm (notice I didn't say weapon?).
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    What I have seen is people buy the wrong gun for the intended purpose due to bad advice from an "expert" or just because they are caught up in the bling of a certain gun.

    Examples of this could be someone who has never shot a gun buying a very small pocket gun that is painful and uncomfortable to shoot because they want to get their CHL. Or the same person buying a S&W 500 because it is "just awesome!" In both cases the gun is totally wrong to learn to shoot with. YMMV
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    This comes down to a number of personal variables, too.

    I have always gone for what feels good in my hand, which is a good start. I have always loved the 1911 and it feels great in my paw, but thought the .45 was a bit slow, so I jumped on the 10mm wagon back in the late 80's, (I do love that cartridge in full power!!). I did the high capacity 9mm thingy too and even went back to the .45acp. I have kept up with all the reading and hype since the FBI Miami shooting trying to find a auto round comparable to the great .357mag 125 gr stopper.

    I have continued to jump back and forth on which/what of the above I would carry for the last 20yrs.

    Then a year and a half ago I decided to give this .357sig thiny a whirl. Since then it's ALL I carry!!! I am so sold on my 229, this cartridge and how well I shoot this weapon,.... everything else is for range play!!

    Just what works for me!!
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    I believe at this point I own the gun I need(Glock 26 w/Night Sights), and now don't regret not getting the one I wanted. The gun I thought I wanted was the Glock 27! The .40 cal Sub Compact was what I believed would be the perfect concealed carry firearm for me.....until I shot it.

    _I owned a H&K USP Pro in .40 caliber. I loved it! The thing is tho, it was a larger weapon in size, an the recoil was less IMO than the recoil that was felt in the smaller G27. I shot the G27 at the range and it just did not like me, my hands were sore by the end of the visit, and I was very inaccurate. I was so disapointed after realizing that the G27 was not gonna be the weapon for me.

    _When I check out of the range & turned the weapon I rented in to the guy at the counter, he recommended for me to go up to the larger version .40 cal Glock. I was not interested in a larger weapon at all. He then asked me to consider going down to the 9mm Sub Compact. For someone that is trying to learn to shoot this might be a better choice. He said the recoil was more user friendly too. So I decided to give it some thought.

    _Upon arriving at home I did some research on the G26 & the effectiveness of 9mm rounds in a SD situation. I finally decided I'd be willing to try it out. On my next range visits I tried out shooting the G26 and found it was exactly what I was looking for. I then decided to figure which ammo I wanted to use, and within a few weeks I went back to a Gun Shop in Plano, Tx(The Bullet Trap) and bought myself the weapon that I hope to carry with me for the next 10 years or so at least. I may eventually buy another gun, but I think this may be my CCW regardless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefs-special-guy View Post
    So, my question: are you sure you have the gun you need? Or do you carry the gun you want ???
    I always carry the gun I want. Of course, I seldom want for more. No matter which of my pistols I carry when I want, I'm sure I'm carrying the gun I need.

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