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If you had to choose between 32acp and 380...

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Thread: If you had to choose between 32acp and 380...

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    Thinking about it ~ The Little .32 Seecamp was an awesome little tiny all Stainless BUG.

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    Well if its acp to acp i have to say .380 for me , might just have to re think that if you throw .32naa or .32 h&r mag into the mix lol
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    I'd choose 380 -- but I purchased 32. When I got my Kel-Tec, the 32 had a more "proven" record and the 380 was relatively new. If I bought again, I might go with the 380, but then again, I'd like to try Kel-Tec's new 9mm.

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    I the only small gun I have is a Keltec P3AT .380 I cant imagine a better gun in it's intended role as backup, pocket carry, hideout gun. Mine has been 100% reliable, accurate, hits precisely where I aim it. is very light weight. I was concerned about recoil but at least for me the snappy kick is in no way way painful and allows me fast multi shot hits at all practicle ranges. I dont need or want anything less powerful.

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    If you were looking for the utmost concealable and smallest BUG you could find, something in the .32 would probably be your better bet. If you can move up to something a tad bigger, than the .380 would probably be the better choice.

    What's more important for your needs? The caliber or the size of the BUG?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodSamaritan
    If you had to choose between 32acp and 380acp for a bug/deep concealment rig, what would you do?

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    i carry a Kel Tec gen one, P3AT, and really like it. Like Chris said, they aren't not for weak handed shooters, as the little thing barks. but for price, and concealment, they can't be beat. I carry mine in a pocket holster or in a coat pocket. I bought a +1 mag with grip extension, and would REALLY recommend that. It makes all the difference in the world when firing this gun. and doesn't add much to size or weight.
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    Don't forget to check out the Beretta 84FS and the Browning BDA. You can purchase hi-caps for both. Both are quite comfy to carry concealed. Just my .02
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    .32 is only a consideration if you think .22 is "good enough".

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    My wife and mother both carry a Tomcat 32 by Berretta. I personally like the little thing. It shoots wonderfully and there has never been a problem with either one.

    For a Bug I say 32, but if it is going to be a primary carry for you, I say a 380. But try both calibers and find the gun that is right for you.

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    It all depends on what you expect. If it truly is a BUG, the smaller profile, particularly of a Seecamp or Keltec, is to your advantage. I say this assuming that a BUG means +/- 7 yards, or after they have their hands on you/have beaten you down. I just took my two Seecamps to the range this weekend, and have to say, I'm more than pleased! Fiocci JHPs gave lots of nice dime-nickle sized keyholes. Jab it in someone's crotch, under an arm, or under the chin, and the problem is going to resolve hurridly.

    Now. If you want something that you can use at "normal" handgun ranges, smaller than your "regular", but still a handful, then a larger .380, with higher capacity, is the way to go.

    I will toss out two other thoughts:
    1) The Seecamp .380 is more expensive, but it is the same size as the .25/.32. (The NAA offerings are substantially larger) If deep concealment is intended, nothing else compares.

    2)Caliber debate at the "low end" (.22/.25/.32/.380-though to be honest there is a "punch" difference between the .20 cal and the .30 cal rounds)is the same as caliber debate at the "mid range"(9mm/.38Spl./.357/.45)- it depends more on placement than size. I've seen people drag their butts into the ER with everything except 12g slugs, to the core body, and live.

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    I owned a kel-tec p32 and traded it. It was a good little pocket pistol but I did not have an application for it as I did not have my CCW at the time. With the later currently pending, I will probably pick up a kel-tec P3AT in the near future. Bottom line (and back to Chris comment), the bigger the better in my opinion.

    As for the quality of Kel-Tec? I put about 500 rds through my .32 without a hitch. Those little guns are in a league of their own where price/concealability is concerned. Good luck with the decision.

    "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

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    .380 - I love my little Mustang, which has been proven reliable and accurate. My .38 Spl. Colt Cobra is my BUG, but if I can't conceal anything else for whatever, it's the Mustang.

    I've only had one .32, and that was a KelTec P32. Crusty trigger, I wasn't as accurate with it, and I just couldn't get myself to like it. It does have a much slimmer profile than my Mustang , is decent for deep concealment, and great if you don't like cocked n' locked carry.
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    I carry a Kel-Tec P3AT each and every day. On duty it is my “BUG”. Off duty it is still on my body, sometimes as my primary. A 380 auto or a .32 in hand is better than two .45’s back home or under the car seat. Yes I known most will make fun of the 380 auto and/or .32. But I do not see any one volunteering to get shot by one.


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    I "bug" carry a Kel-Tec P32, purchased before the intro of the P3AT and not enough difference to trade. I do carry it with hardball, they need penetration.
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