Calling all Kahr shooters

Calling all Kahr shooters

This is a discussion on Calling all Kahr shooters within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am considering purchasing either a Kahr PM9 or a CW45. Lately, however, I have been hearing some bad stuff about Kahr's specifically as it ...

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Thread: Calling all Kahr shooters

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    Calling all Kahr shooters

    I am considering purchasing either a Kahr PM9 or a CW45. Lately, however, I have been hearing some bad stuff about Kahr's specifically as it relates to reliability issues. Are these just isolated examples? I realize that people only post things online when they have problems with a product, but I really don't want to purchase a firearm just to have to send it back to the factory 2 or 3 times. Any input from you Kahr shooters would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm interested too Chiboxer as i've already got one tucked aside on layaway. I think the positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones and think it will be a fine weapon. I always clean, lightly debur, and lube up my new guns before i shoot them anyway, i dont quite trust manufacturing inspections entirely. Hope some people chime in with Kahr's.
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    I love my PM9. I have confidence in it.

    I shoot it each trip to the range. Several times I have fired 100 rounds of WWB a session, blasting it with some RemOil after about 50.

    I did experience barrel peening within the first 200 rds. The pistol went back to Kahr and they made the repairs. That said, I have had no problems since.
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    I have one of the original PM9's shipped. It has been flawless. About 12 or so of our officers have also bought PM9's since shooting mine. None have had an problem that wasn't knuckle head induced. The worst problem when a "gun guy" on our department decided to take his apart. The problem came when he went to put it back together.

    I think Kahr gets it's bad rap from either;

    A) inexperienced shooters.

    B) people who don't like to follow instructions.

    C) people who have an axe to grind with the Moons.
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    I have four Kahrs, all are trouble free I usually carry one of them everyday.

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    I am very pleased with my PM9. It has never had a failure and is my EDC

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    I have a PM9 and love it, carry it pretty much everyday. Its got prob about 750 rounds through it and its been flawless. It will also eat anything I put through it. Wolf, speer, WWB, blazer, it all works

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    Had my CW45 for a few months. Zero problems, I'm really happy with it!

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    My PM9 was purchased about four years ago and is my EDC. It has had about 1200 rounds, both FMJ and hollow points through it. Make sure you don't limp wrist it and it should be fine. I like mine.
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    Thanks for the info. I too have been considering one, but have been leery because of “bad” reviews.

    I have a Glock 26 but I want a lighter weight, thin, small 9mm, for times when my G26 is too big.

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    I have an MK40 and the range where I work rents a T9 and an MK9. The wood grip on the T9 broke when somebody dropped it, but otherwise I can't remember a problem with the rentals and mine has been 100%. I admit that I quit carrying the 40 as much as I used to after I broke my strong hand. It kicked too much to be comfortable when I was healing and it's kind of out of my CCW rotation now that I'm healed since I'm out of practice with it. No fault of the gun or it's reliability, though.
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    I've got a CW40, pretty much the exact same as the CW45 but a different caliber. I've had zero issues with the gun that weren't my fault. When I first got it, I took it down to clean it. Putting it back together, I bent the slide stop pin accidentally without knowing it. When I took it out to shoot, I had a rough time because the slide would stay open after each shot. I figured out the mistake and contacted Kahr because I thought I ruined the spring. The old spring worked and about 3 days after my call, I had a new one in the mail!

    I would never hesitate to buy another Kahr personally.
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    I've owned six Kahrs. Not all were problem free.

    2 K9s were flawless in performance. One early model and now a new 2009 model.

    A T9 that I've never given me a problem .

    A early CW9 that had a light strike problem that I couldn't fix. I suspect a short striker.

    A P45 that had some feed and eject problems, otherwise I loved it.

    A new TP9 that has been perfect and very enjoyable.

    IMHO the Kahr line is suseptable to problems because some of the functions have little performance leeway. A faulty or slightly out of spec component has negative effects that maybe some other more conventionally made guns can absorb.

    A Kahr that works is a very valuable tool in the CCW toolbag. IMO it's worth the effort and price to find one.
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    My PM45 is awesome. Would buy again!!

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    My PM9 has been great and is my EDC. I usually drop it in my pocket in a FIST K5 and load it up with Federal HST 147g +P. Very potent, comfy setup IMO.

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