EDC worries (the PT145 conundrum)

EDC worries (the PT145 conundrum)

This is a discussion on EDC worries (the PT145 conundrum) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've never had a problem with my PT145 going bang and I have all original parts functioning properly however I haven't given it a torture ...

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Thread: EDC worries (the PT145 conundrum)

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    EDC worries (the PT145 conundrum)

    I've never had a problem with my PT145 going bang and I have all original parts functioning properly however I haven't given it a torture test; it is fired infrequently. After hearing all the problems associated with the weapon by others, I have this nagging worry that one day the S is going to HTF and that will be the time I have a tactical failure.

    Anybody worry like this?

    Should I continue to carry the PT145 or seek relief in a more reliable brand?
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    Sounds like an extended range trip is in order. Make it prove itself, give it a good shake down... and then you will know the answer.

    I'd start pricing alternatives in the mean time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    I have this nagging worry that one day the S is going to HTF and that will be the time I have a tactical failure.
    I have that naggin feeling no matter what weapon I have...that's why I carry more than one most times.

    But yes...let it prove it self...get 200 rounds gathered (more if you can/want) and run it hard. See what happens...that's what I do when I get a new peice. SO far mine have held up on that test. I usaully do this after the first 100rounds of slow plinking fire...learning trigger, safety, and degree of recoil. Fun stuff

    My Kahr PM45 made it, my Kimber UC II made it, Glock 23C made it, and my PT145 made it. Doesn't take long either, to burn through 200 rounds when running it hard.

    Everytime I've done that I was like "dang that was a quick 64bucks in ammo donw the pipe".

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    I've carried mine for @least 3 yrs now and no problem whatso ever. I put close to 1500 rounds thru mine....smooth as grease. Like frogBones said learn the trigger and give it @least 200 rounds to kinda "break in" and you should be good 2 go.
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    pt111 here and the day i bought it it sent over 300 rounds down range in a short period of time...thousands since and never a hiccup except some crap wolf i tried that wouldnt go off with mutliple deep primer strikes(6 in a box of 50)...been a great gun and my primary carry just because it conceals better than my g19....

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    No. I am pretty sure it will make noise when my booker hook hits the trigger. Anything can fail.
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    Forget what 'people' say about a gun. Take you gun to the range and fire a few hundred rounds. That won't make you an all-around pistol expert, but it will make you an expert on the one pistol that counts.
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    Yep... what Obxned sez...
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    If your gun will run thru a box or two of ammo without a hiccup,I would trust it,most SD shootings are over in seconds without time to change mags,so if my gun runs 100 rounds of fast double taps and mozambique drills It will do what I need it to when the time comes.one thing you can do to check the firing pin on a semi Auto after you clean it,is insert a pencil "eraser first" in the barrel of an empty gun then holding barrel up pull the trigger,when the firing pin hits the eraser it will shoot the pencil out of the barrel
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    Remember that people who have problems with a given item are going to scream louder then those that have no issues.

    If your gun has given you zero problems, don't stress over it.

    If you're uneasy, give the previously suggested workout of a few hundered rounds and put your fears to rest (or if you have issues, confirm them).

    Just remember any mechanical item can fail (usually at an inopportune moment), try not to worry to much about it
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    Its mechanical, it can break. Do you worry about your car/truck breaking every time you get into it to drive? Probably not. You maintain it and use it frequently enough to know if something is amiss.

    If you shoot it regularly, and decided to put it through a stress test, although I don't know exactly how many rounds that is, keep it maintained and cleaned properly. You should be fine.

    Every gun can break regardless of what the internet forums say. I trust my 24/7 and PT111 with my life since I know the guns and am the one that maintains and shoots them. Other folks that don't like them for some reason haven't shot mine.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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