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Thread: Charter Arms

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    Charter Arms

    Hey Guy's and Gal's

    Need some advice from the pros

    I just recived my carry this year .

    I have had a Kel - Tec .380 for about 6 months flawless gun so far.

    I bought a new 442 this week I really like this one

    I am looking pretty hard at the Charter Bull Dog .44

    Any thoughts on these guns The price is very right on these .

    I have my Ruger super black hawk .44 mag on consigment

    at a local shop I have owned that one for over 20 years

    I am looking for something in double action.

    I do much better with revolvers vs semis


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    I carry a KT P3AT and it has been flawless.

    I also am looking at Charter Bull Dog 44SP

    Almost bought Bull Dog but gun store did not have any 44SP ammo, and that was a turn off for me.

    If I could find a 45 Long Colt Bull Dog type pistol at a good price it would be mine, better selection of ammo and you can find ammo for it.
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    My wife carries one and likes it very much. It's seems to be a pretty decent gun for the money.
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    If I were to carry a revolver, I would probably go with the .44 Special Bulldog. They have a whole lot of power in a small package. I have no problem with the quality of the gun, and definately have no problem with the price!
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    I have a Charter House bulldog 44spl that was made in the 70's which is considered the best ones.Charter House change hands several times due
    to financial issues and had quality issues each time.Charter House is now
    owned by the folks who make and sell High Point.Mine weighs 21oz empty.
    This sweet little revolver has rubber grips that really handles the recoil from 240
    grain ammo I use for self defense.

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    I also have a Charter 44 sp.Bulldog and really enjoy it. It is my vehicle carry weapon. It is relatively slim for a revolver and felt recoil isn't bad at all. I have small hands but its pleasant to shoot. Just sometimes its hard to find ammo-but these days who doesn't have trouble finding some calibers?
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    Use to have one and never had a problem with it. I traded it to a buddy (deputy) for a mdl. 60... Wish I still had it...
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    The current production guns are reliable. I have four total Charters, and I have even spent some money customizing two of them that get the nod for carry about 60% of the time as either a back up or primary in the summer or when wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

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    Very nice Bulldog. I have often thought of buying one but haven't yet. Maybe I should look into it a little more now. I have got to were I really like the simplicity of a revolver.
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    Simple to use, and gotta love those flying ashtrays....(.44 Special Gold Dots).

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    I agree with all the above posts. I had a 3 inch that I foolishly let go. My only advice to you is if you buy one think about sending it out to a smith to have the springs replaced with good quality wolf springs and have a trigger job. The trigger on mine was heavy and gritty as hell. Springs and a trigger job will improve both.

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