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Thread: Cheap Plinker/BUG

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    Cheap Plinker/BUG

    I'm looking at picking up a BUG/Plinker come tax return time and am trying to decide what to get. I've narrowed myself down to three choices for caliber:
    1) .22lr: Easily found, and has a special place in Ohio law: You can carry 31+ round magazines legally. And can be used in rifles when I pick one up for teaching my daughter.
    2) 7.62x25 Tokarev: Not so easily found locally, but easy to find online. Packs more punch than .22 but not as versatile.
    3) 9x18 Makarov: Can be found locally, but not abundant (still easier to find than .357 Sig HD ammo). A bit more expensive for ammo than the other two, but packs more of a punch.

    I'm looking to spend around $250 for the firearm used, as its primary purpose is going to be range time, but I would like to be able to carry it as a BUG or a deep concealment piece (well, compared to a full-size Glock).

    In particular, I'm looking for semi-auto only, nothing smaller than a compact.

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    Of your choices I'd go with the 9x18. The CZ82 is an excellent quality gun, and they are available for less than $200 if you shop around. 9x18 ammunition might be slightly more expensive than surplus 7.62x25, but good luck finding factory ammunition once the surplus supply dries up. 9x18 is available both as surplus and new factory pretty much everywhere that sells ammunition (except perhaps ChiComMart). The CZ82 would also be a good choice for a carry gun when needed, the various 7.62x25 pistols and most .22 LR pistols are not good choices for carry.

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    +1...these are very well built reliable guns and can definitely be had for what youwant to spend. The 9x18 is a very underrated round.
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    i got a 9x18 polish p-64. you can get them cheap and they are great guns. looks and break down the same as a ppk. but ammo is not cheap. i would look for a 22lr. at least you can still get ammo at a fair price.
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    +1 on the CZ82. I have one and love it.
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    I love my CZ-82. It is an excellent pistol at a ridiculously low price. However, being all steel, they are a bit heavier than some people might like for carry and being double-stack, they are a bit thick. Check out the Hungarian FEG PA-63 pistols in 9mmMAK. They are your typical Soviet-block PPK clones, but with a light weight alloy frame. You can find them for just a bit over $200 total cost. Do it right and get at least two extra mags.

    If you buy one, spend a few bucks (about $15 including shipping) and get Wolff replacement main and recoil springs. It only takes a few minutes to do the swap, and your pistol will perform like you spent a fortune for a really good, professional trigger job.
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    Without question the CZ82 is the best value in a hi quality handgun going today bar none. Nothing cheap about them and you should never even consider carrying a "cheap" handgun, inexpensive and cheap are totally different things! You need to look at them very hard. All steel, polygonal rifled barrel and 12 round cap. and known for extreme relabilty and its a CZ which are great guns in general.

    The CZ 82 is certainly not a "bug" sized handgun and neither would a CZ52 or Tokarev which are the guns now avaliable in 7.62x25, so if you want a true bug the .22 route is the way to go with the options you named if you just want to plink with it but .22 is not an exceptable carry option IMO.

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    What ^^^^^^^^they^^^all^^^^said!!^^^^^

    Check out J&G online, they have good prices on 9x18 cal. pistols

    Pirates are kick_ well you know what!!, looking pistols!

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    I should probably specify that the only time I'd be carrying this as a primary would be A) In situations where my G31 in a tuckable holster would still be easily noticeable or B) When the G31 is at a gunsmith. So basically not often. I've been primarily considering the CZs as I had a CZ-75 clone before my Glock and loved it for the range. I'm not worried about size or weight, though I'd prefer a double-stack.

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