recoil friendly grips for S&W 642

This is a discussion on recoil friendly grips for S&W 642 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Mac, What loads are you using in the 642 for practice? I'm a fairly recent 442 ( w/ the rosewood grips ) owner and just ...

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Thread: recoil friendly grips for S&W 642

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    What loads are you using in the 642 for practice? I'm a fairly recent 442 ( w/ the rosewood grips ) owner and just had some brutal sessions with the gun. The first outing with it ripped the skin off of my thumb webbing and gave me a sore spot on my thumb joint that lasted for 3-4 weeks. This was after 85 rounds of S+B 158gr FMJ 38's. And that was with a glove on. OUCH!

    I've since changed over to Win. 120gr JSP WinClean or WWB 130gr FMJ loads, depending on what the range has available. The difference is like night and day. The WC loads do have a mighty mighty cylinder flash to them, however. I've also found a death grip helps in both trigger control and recoil management, more so than usual.

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    I have a S&W 642 with a Crimson Trace laser sight - it has the longer rubber grips on it, which are long enough to let me comfortably wrap all three fingers around it. The grip not only fits my (large-for-a-woman) hands better, but also absorbs the recoil nicely.

    The first few times I shot 50 rounds, I felt it by the end of the session, but yesterday I shot almost 150 rounds with no effect at all. Not sure if I'm just getting used to it, or if I'm subconsciously adjusting my grip to accomodate the recoil.

    I definitely agree that a good firm grip, with a slight push-pull effect (pushing slightly forward with the strong hand and pulling back with the support hand), helps absorb the recoil into your arms, rather than a looser grip that allows the gun some "slop" room to kick back against your hand.

    Keep shooting with it a while, be aware of how your hand position, and see if it doesn't improve.

    I had some excellent groupings yesterday. I love my 642!

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    Pics Pics Pics Pics!!!

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    ammo was a mixed bag of 110, 135, and 158 gr. After 100 rds was alittle sore. I usually give my revolvers that have a kick a death grip to help control the recoil.
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    Recoil friendly is usually NOT concealable friendly. Rubber grips cause your cover garment to hang up as a natural consequence...especially in hot climates. Having said that: HOGUE all the way.
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