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This is a discussion on Night Stand Gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SilenceDoGood Check out the J.I.C by mossberg. O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. - Firearms, Shotguns, Rifles, Accessories, and Precision Machining Its not ...

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Thread: Night Stand Gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilenceDoGood View Post
    Check out the J.I.C by mossberg. O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. - Firearms, Shotguns, Rifles, Accessories, and Precision Machining

    Its not a handgun, which is a good thing.
    That would make a great emergency "car gun"
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    Bulldog 44 sp and a surefire light. We have a second floor bedroom with alarm system, so I'm counting on 5 powerful rounds working with plenty of warning. And don't forget my 7 lb toy fox terrier...she's a great warning system, and vicious as well....
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    I use two......Glock 19 or SW 686 4". I have 4 SF lights strategically located in the house.
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    I have a 9mm and a .38 special right beside my bed every night and a good ole 12g shotgun within a few steps.
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    Mine is a Glock 17 w/CT laser 17+1 Hornady Critical Defense 9mm kept in a mattress side holster about 1 ft below my right hand as I sleep and I also have a Mossberg 500 Persuader 12 GA pump 6+1 buck shot that I can grab as I walk by the foot of the bed headed for the door or beyond.
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    My nightstand gun is a Ruger P95 with a laser/tac light on the rail. Inexpensive, tough, reliable, 15 + 1 shots . Loaded with 115 gr +p Gold Dots, should ruin a BG's night!

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    In my night stand: XD 9mm subcompact (16+1 rounds)
    In the closet 5 feet from my bed is my AK (30+1 rounds)
    In my woman's night stand: Bersa thunder 380 (8+1 rounds)
    Under the bed on my woman's side: Remington 870 express magnum(4+1 shells)

    In the event of an emergency, I grab the XD and clear the hallway that separates my son's room from our room... she grabs the Bersa and gets our son from his crib and takes him back into our room, where she can lock the doors... then she'll take the shotgun and aim it at the door...

    I guess i could take the ak and stick the XD in my waist, but i doubt a long gun would do well in a house clearing scenario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildfire adn View Post
    So, I have decided that I would like a gun in either .45ACP, .45GAP or 10mm. (10mm could double as my backpacking gun but I am thinking I will want an excuse to buy a bigger revolver later.) I want at least 10 rounds in the magazine but more is better. I want a 4" barrel or bigger. I want to have the option of using lasers, lights, and night sights. I would like it to not be SAO so the trigger is similar to my other pistols. And I want to keep the price to about $700 for the pistol itself but could pay more for a good, practical reason. Also, I shoot Glocks well, but I don't really like how they feel in my hand. My coworker has a small one in 10mm that I shot and was accurate with, but I don't know that I really want one for myself.
    Any ideas? Is this even a good reason to buy a new gun?
    Well, I can see your points to some extent. I've had the Glock G21 and the G30, but they found their way to better homes due to my search for a 45acp that would work best for me. While I still have this lingering thought that I'll one day be back in a 1911 model of some sort as things go full circle, I settled on what I think was (and is now) the best 45acp pistol I've ever had. The SIG P220 SAO. I know you stated you wouldn't go for a single action, but what do you think about the stock Glock trigger? If you like the feel of the Glock trigger reset, and you've shot accurately with the Glocks, despite the way they feel in your hand, then I figure the P220 SAO might be one to seriously look at. IMO, it has near the same feel on the trigger, but with almost the same feel as a 1911 full size. You say you'd like a pistol with a ten round capacity at the least. How important is ten rounds when you're carrying 45acp? I mean really? I like nice round numbers as well, but there must be some exceptions? The P220 comes standard with 8rd magazines with 10 rounders as an option. I'm just sayin'. Why would you think a Glock guy like me would get into a SIG P220?

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    new gun

    i agree with the smith and wesson guy. except instead of the 1006 or1076, id go with the 4506 fullsize 45. think vic mackey from the shield! it was the gun of our local police up until about a year or two ago and they are real shooters. very reliable too. also 45 ammo is easier to get than 10mm or at least a bit cheaper. you can also find these used for around 350 if your lucky. police trade ins usually are at least functional and for the money and the purpose you want it for. thats what counts. who care if it has a few dings on it.
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    We sleep with an 870 tactical, FNP-40, and Taurus 605 .357, very near by.

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    Glock 30 and Glock 33 on nightstand ..3 steps away 12 gauge 18.5 inch 870..ready to 5 good watchdogs outside... plus driveway alarm......also if my pet cat aint at the door to greet me when I open the door...the alarm between my ears goes

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    My bed side gun ( under my pillow ) is my CA Bulldog 44 spcl, loaded with factory Hornady 220 gr XTP ammo, & A 12 GA DB Shotgun with the hammer's half cocked & loaded with #4 buckshot, Nice welcomming wagon right. ? OH in case your guessing NO the shotgun doesen't fit under my pillow.

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    Mine is a XD9 Service with 16+1 of Federal 124gr+P JHP's, and a spare mag in my Gunvault Micro. I also have a Ruger SP101 with Federal 129gr JHP's and several Safariland speedloaders for that in a lockbox. My Surefire G2 sits on the shelf nearby.

    I would like to have a shotgun in the room, but I have no space for it at the moment. Even under my bed is full of stuff. Thought about picking up a used Mossberg 500 with pistol-grip-only, so it'd be smaller and easier to store, but I never really liked the idea of those.

    Once I have my own place I will have the XD9 unlocked and ready to grab at a second's notice. For now I just do what makes my parents comfortable, which is decent, but the Gunvault does take a few seconds to get open.
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    Gonna make this simple, buy what makes you feel confident. Get the gun with simplest functions, cause when things go bump in the night and you are groggy on sleep and adrenaline, you wanna K.I.S.S...

    I personally like Glock, I have a G23, G27. If my G23 fails, I know the mags from the 23 fit the 27.

    And for crying out loud, people don't go searching in the dark, turn on lights, have a tactical flashlight, hand held or weapon mounted!
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    I use a SIG P229 in .40 with the night sights. I know it is a couple hundred beyond what the OP said, but I think it's a great pistol that warrants consideration. It fits perfectly in my hands, and in states that are not Hawaii it has 12-round mags. Plus I think the .40 and .45 ACP are about equal in terms of stopping power (I do also have a couple 1911s, but I like the DA trigger for the first shot). I think just about every gun mentioned deserves consideration, I would make a list and hit the gun store and check them all out to see which ones fit best.

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