Your thoughts on the G27 please?

Your thoughts on the G27 please?

This is a discussion on Your thoughts on the G27 please? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok. Well, I got a fabulous deal on a new G27, (it's less than our normal cost as a distributor!) so I'm thinking about buying ...

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Thread: Your thoughts on the G27 please?

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    Your thoughts on the G27 please?

    Ok. Well, I got a fabulous deal on a new G27, (it's less than our normal cost as a distributor!) so I'm thinking about buying one, BUT I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons here, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

    *it's smaller than my Sig P239, so maybe it will be easier to conceal in warmer months.

    *I'm told it's similar to my Sig's DAK where there are no external safeties, which is what I prefer.

    *It's a .40 cal. Not to get into the whole debate about caliber here, and I LOVE my 9mm, but I suppose that in theory, it's not a bad idea to go up in caliber. I was always told to shoot the largest caliber you can safely, comfortably, accurately, and consistently shoot. I've got the 9 down pat now, so maybe I should work on 40?

    *It's a Glock, what's not to love? :)

    *The price.

    The Cons:

    *It's smaller than my Sig but a larger caliber. I'm concerned that it the resulting "kick" might not feel so comfortable in my little hands.

    *It's a .40 caliber and I have issues with .40. It doesn't matter where I am on the range, whether I'm firing the .40 or someone else is, how I hold it, what make/model, I WILL GET HOT BRASS, guaranteed. I was recently on the line and 8 people down from the guy with the .40, I STILL got hot brass on my neck!

    *It's not a Sig.

    *Even with a great price, it's still not just pocket change, either.

    I'm going to put a box or two of rounds through a friend's G27 on Thursday at the range, just to make sure I like the way it feels. But what do you guys think? Anyone regularly shoot one? Can you compare it to the P239? Especially you smaller ladies -- is it THAT much easier to conceal that it's worth buying another gun?
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    You won't regret the Glock...and, you CAN handle it.
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    The G27 is my EDC and the one that I shoot the most at the range. I can't compare it with the P239, but I can tell you that it is a great cc gun.

    I believe that if you use proper shooting techniques (grip, stance, etc.) you will be able to handle the recoil. I'm pretty sure that you'll make the right decision after you shoot your friend's.
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    I've got a Glock 27. I think it's an excellent gun. I'm not a big guy - about 6 ft, 171 lbs, and I have no problem handling it. It's a bit of a challenge for me to conceal due to it's thickness, but others seem to have no problem with that. Personally, I really like a .40, and ammo seems to be pretty plentiful.

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    I carried one daily for 8 years. I could go back in a minute. One of the more accurate pistols I've owned. As for recoil, different loads feel...well different. There are plenty you'd find easily manageable. They tend to eject brass briskly but that's not a problem unless your off to the right of them.
    DAK trigger is a bit different but I like both triggers. Glocks will reset faster.
    If the price is that good, you could recoup most or all your money on a resale if you don't like it.
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    It is an excellent weapon...LEO friends of mine report being as accurate with it as their issued G22. I owned one and sold it on a whim. I wish I never had. I will own another one someday. Get it, you wont regret it, plus you can upsize mags with 23 and 22 mags. Plus look at these, they are very nice.
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    If you're getting a great deal on it, and you are not strapped for cash, and you are confident you can sell it used for what you paid for it, then even if it turns out that you don't want to keep it, it is a very small mistake at worst.

    But in my experience, when I buy something that isn't what I really want, even if it is a good deal, I usually regret the purchase.

    Regarding caliber, as you already know, 9mm, .40SW, and .45 are equally effective when applied to the correct anatomy. So if you've mastered 9mm, why change--especially for a defensive handgun?
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    I would stay with your Sig. Fear the woman with 1 gun.

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    I love my 27, it is my EDC also. You won't regret buying it.
    Enjoy it neighbor

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    The G27 is my EDC for summer (switch to a G23 for winter). I have a Pierce extension on the magazine which makes a place for my pinky without increasing the grip size much. My spare magazine that I carry with it is a G22 (15 rounds) with a slide on piece that matches the grip. I recommend tryng the G27, especially if you are getting a good deal on it. If you aren't happy with it, I will likely take it off your hands for the same good deal so you would lose nothing.
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    I started my CC life with the G27. It's still with me almost ten years later. It will be back in my hands when I get my wife her G26. I'm toting the G23 now and it works well for me. The 40S&W is pretty much my favorite.

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    I love my G27. Don't worry about recoil: while I might be 5'11" and 200 lbs, I have really weak arms. No, really. And yet I can hit center of mass every time. It's all about learning to be confident with the recoil and don't let that infringe on a consistent trigger pull.

    In an effort to reduce the recoil/increase confidence I got the Pierce pinky extensions. Don't bother. Once you learn to shoot it you won't need it. In fact, I bought four to go with my four magazines; I took two off. That way I have four mags for going to the range, two of which are just a little easier on my hands. Then I'll CC with the regular mags.

    Get it and enjoy it. Hey, if nothing else, if it's such a good deal then you'll be able to sell it for a nice profit.

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    If you can shoot it well with the flush mags, grab it up. If you need the extensions get the G23. What's the point of a shorter grip if you make it as long as a pistol with an extra inch of barrel ;/)
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    I have one in the safe. I never really "took" to it. It probably has 100 rounds through it. I guess Glock just isn't my brand. It seems to work fine but is missing some "x-factor" that I can't seem to put my finger on.

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    If you can wait another year or two, or three, there ought to be the 4th generation ones on the shelf. It might help with the hand size issue.

    ...just something to think about since most of us keep firearms for decades.
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