Did I make a mistake here?

Did I make a mistake here?

This is a discussion on Did I make a mistake here? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After a great deal of thought I decided to switch to a K frame (or equivalent) sized .357 for my edc. After (apparently not enough) ...

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Thread: Did I make a mistake here?

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    Did I make a mistake here?

    After a great deal of thought I decided to switch to a K frame (or equivalent) sized .357 for my edc. After (apparently not enough) research, I purchased a Dan Wesson 15V. Great gun, I love the switch barrel etc.

    However, I didn't realize two important things. The cylinder release latch is on the front of the crane (so no compatibility in training with Smifs and Rugers) and very few stock holsters are available for them. :(

    So, should I try to swap it for a 65 or Speed Six (or similar) or are there good work arounds for this?

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    I own a DW 744V 44 mag myself and the Dans definatly present some problems with accessories and with the way they set them up with the front cyl release on the defensive end of things.

    The front latch was actually there so the lock up on the cylinder was stronger especially for those hot magnum loads for silhoette steel shooting. Being a large frame gun I never carried it for PP and only shot it for knocking down steel silhouettes.....Nice guns!

    S&W K frame would have been a easier choice for holsters and such if you like S&W's.
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    Keep it and buy a K frame... I've shot a couple of DW's , but they never impressed me OMO... they are fine guns, just not for me...
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    You bought a well made gun so no mistake there. But did you buy the right carry gun for you? Only you know that. DWs hold their value pretty well so you should be ok if you want to dump it.
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    Seek out a custom holster maker in your area. Take him your new gun and have him build you a holster.

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    Do not sell your DW These guns traditionally shoot very well, and are just about bombproof.
    Mine is, I do not carry it . It was my first handgun and will never sell it. it is the most amazing thing shooting it.
    Either do what was posted,{get a competent holster maker to make one for you}, OR, 2) go and buy a mod.19 for 300-500 bucks JMO!!

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    I agree with the others keep the DW and find a model 19, I still regret selling the DW I had.
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    I have a Smith M65 four inch that gets occasional carry.

    It was a Sheriffs Dept. trade in that my brother gave to me as a Christmas gift around 1998 or so. I love this revolver. Only thing is that I wish that it was a 3 inch model but those are hard to come by as I understand it. Low profile sites so nothing to get caught on during your draw. It is a revolver so 99.999% of the time it goes boom when you pull the trigger.

    Only negative is that with the older K-frames it is advised not to shoot a steady diet of full house .357 loads in bullet weights lower than 158 grs. The lighter bullets get slammed during firing against the forcing cone and can cause cracks. Carry the good 125 gr. loads but practice with .38's or 158gr. .357 loadings.

    I can't comment on the DW as I have never shot one but I saw that you mentioned the M65 and I thought I would comment.
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    I'd trade it.

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    Keep the Dan Wesson, their GREAT!
    MKS speedloader #10 fits it. Holsters made for a S&W 'N' frame (models 27, 28) that have not been stretched out will fit.
    I have a Bucheimer-Clark B-01-389L-64 (low hanging old duty type) holster that I found on ebay that fits it perfectly. It was used but in good shape.

    Get something else for carry but keep that D/W.
    My daughter likes it for a house gun. Because of it's size and weight she can pop off 38's with little effort. And accurately.
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