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Wheel gun for around $300

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Thread: Wheel gun for around $300

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    I would get a used but not abused S & W.
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    I found a S&W model 13 which is a 4" k frame in 357. I think I paid $250.00 for it two years ago. I dont shoot a lot of 357 ($) but it is the cats meow with 38 special. I carry it often the trigger is as buttery smooth as anything I have ever pulled. I rotate between this and my Glock 26. Long story short I love my 4" k frame.

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    I bought a Dan Wesson 15V for about $300. The pro there is that you can switch barrels (mine is a 6", but I've seen them from 2" to 15"). They are K frame size, but a bit lighter than a 65 or 19 I believe. The con is that the cylinder release is at the front of the crane. Great lockup, very accurate, but if you carry also carry a Ruger Smith or Colt for defense it's a different reload procedure.

    I'm actually thinking of selling mine fyi, because of the cylinder latch and how annoying finding iwb holsters for it is. If it's just for plinking (or hunting, games... Anything but carry, really) it's a great brand to look at.

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    The EAA Windicator .357 goes for about $300 now.
    Not a pretty gun, and weighs a good 2 pounds unloaded.

    This is one of the most informative reviews I've found on it.
    The EAA Windicator (aka Pugzley)

    And the link to Windicator price chart.
    EAAcorp.com - European American Armory Inc. - Homepage

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    that is going to be hard at that price. look around for a use gun. but there might be some new ones to be found. charter, taurus might be the way to go. both make good guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro2A View Post
    I saw the Ruger Security-Six... that looks like something I'm looking for. The price seems right too. What do people think of these? I prefer a .357 over a .38
    i love my security six. handles anything i put in it and asks for more. i reloaded and used full loads of aa #7 in mine and it doesn't phase it one bit. switching powders and will continue to put full .357 loads through it. it is also my carry gun and my current IDPA fun gun. if you find one for under $300 buy it! i've been looking for a snubbie for a while now and everything i see @ gun shows is north of $400 easily

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    I really enjoy my security six as well. Flawless. Definitely would recommend it!

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    Last week Academy Sports had a 3" Rossi (.38 SPL) for $299. Might be worth waiting to see if they put it on sale again.
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    Charter Arms makes perfectly adequate good-enough guns. Someday, I might even buy one used, that hasn't been abused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aric View Post
    Rossi makes a 4" .357 for around $350.
    With the exception of the M85 Taurus revolvers are a little ninja-ish with "judge", "raging bull" and "tracker" written all over them, but the Rossi's are a nice looking inexpensive wheelgun.
    Pretty nice little guns but i dont think they have hammer-blocks on them, something that would be a must for me.
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    I used to have a Rossi, too. Well made & dependable.

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    The Security Six is a great revolver, you can't find anything more solidly put together. I've had mine for 30 years, shot it a LOT and never had any problems with it.

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    Used .38/.357

    Recently found a used 4" EAA .357 for 175.00 at a local Gander Mtn. I haven't heard of them before and when asked why it was priced so low, the guy behind the counter said that EAA made decent autos but their revolvers were terrible. I thought about it as I walked around the store and went back 3 minutes later...gone. I believe the same guy pulled it, maybe he didn't know it was there (it was mixed in with 20-25 other used guns) maybe for a friend. There were only 2 other people looking at guns and they were looking at autos when I arrived and left and returned! Now, in this poor economy, you may find a better deal than might be expected. A customer of mine was looking to sell 3 handguns and a 12ga just before the holidays. One of them was a 4" GP100 with the wood and rubber stocks on it...very nice looking. He wanted 1300.00 for all 4 (others were Beretta 92FS, Dan Wesson .44 and Weatherby 12 ga SA) but was willing to sell 'em individually. I tried to find someone to buy them and couldn't. He told me to make him an offer on the GP100. I didn't. Anyway, not that you want to take advantage of anybody, but there may be some deals out there right now. Don't be in a hurry, handle as many guns as you can before buying.


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    A .357 for $300 or less can be a tall order. My wife's Ruger SP101 was $375 used which I think is a pretty decent price for a great gun, but it's not under $300. My Dan Wesson Model 14 was $240 which I think I made out well. If you can find a DW in good working condition for under $300 get it! Hidden Defense: A Little Old School - Dan Wesson .357 Magnum

    Other .357's that are out there that can be found at that price point are Rossi's, EAA's and if the stars are alined Ruger Speed/Service/Security Sixes. If you're not planning on putting thousands of rounds through it on a regular basis than the Rossi's & EAA's should hold up fine.
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    I have carried a Revolver for over 40 years (Mil.LEO & civilian)
    Until about 15 years ago, only S&W.
    Now I have added a SP101 as one of my 'primary carry guns ( as well as a .44 mag for the field.) IMHO,these 2 manufactures are the best. But even a GOOD used one most likely will not be in your $$$ range.(esp. S&W)

    About 6 years ago, I procured 2 "Taurus' " A 4" .357 mag ( used & a "ported" mdle. no longer made) & a 6' .22.(new) I got them for my students to use. BOTH Guns have had a lot of rnd.s put through the. (use primarly .38 in the .357) They have preformed "flawlessly") The only thing, the .22 is very stiff in double action.

    At their $$$ a Tarus may be interest to you.


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