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NAA Guardian .380............ ?

This is a discussion on NAA Guardian .380............ ? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carried my NAA 32 appendix style in a High Noon Mr. Softy for a few years. It's a great little gun that is easy ...

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Thread: NAA Guardian .380............ ?

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    I carried my NAA 32 appendix style in a High Noon Mr. Softy for a few years. It's a great little gun that is easy to shoot, always reliable and completely disappears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill DeShivs View Post
    Your timelines and calibers are skewed.
    The Grendel came out way before the Seecamp .380
    When Seecamp upgraded their gun to .32 acp, Naa produced a copy. It was larger and heavier than the Seecamp.
    When NAA came out with the .380, it was again upsized. The NAA .380 is much larger than the .32 Guardian.
    Note: the Seecamp started life as a .25, was upgraded to .32, and finally .380-all in exactly the same size gun.
    Ooooops , sorry my bad - thanks for making it right!

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    Have one I bought brand new in 2003. Carried it a lot until I got some other carry options. Very dependable but is heavy for size. I carried in a wallet holster or a desantis nemesis pocket holster. I now own kel-tec P3AT, S&W637, Glock26, Beretta 3032 Tomcat,and RugerSP101 so I can carry what ever works best for the situation. Still carry the NAA 380 sometimes. 380 ammo is so expensive I don't get to fire the NAA as much as I would like to and that is why I quit carrying it.

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    I have two of them and have talked about them quite a bit on this forum. I actually prefer them to the Seecamp, not a popular position I know, but the Seecamp is only reliable with expensive SD ammo while both of my Guardians have fed everything and anything I have given them, from FMJ to JHP, never a single issue. The Guardian has mags with finger extensions, this was a huge deciding factor for me as it allows me another finger which gives much greater accuracy and quicker double taps. My 32 Guardian has the custom shops gutter sniping with Night Sights. This is simply awesome. Mine ride in the Nemisis pocket holster and are a breeze to carry. It's funny those that whine about the weight are the same ones recommending full sized service guns in other threads!! The added weight acts to your favor when it comes to cotroling recoil from SD rounds. Weight has never been a factor for me to consider in a weapon. I can see it if you have a handicap or something, but otherwise I don't see it being a issue. If I can help you in anyway just send me a PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ripley16 View Post
    I was going to chime in on the timeline also, but Bill DeShivs nailed it.

    The Guardian .380 is well made, reliable and too heavy for general pocket carry.
    considering some here pocket carry glock 26s and kahr 9s i think that distinction is relative to what the person carrying thinks...yeah...its heavy compared to the kel tec/lcp/tcp crowd but its a small gun that appears to be built like a brick sh!thouse...

    handle one and see if its something you would be comfortable pocket carrying...

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    Um, I have the Guardian in .32 acp. It's much smaller and lighter than the .380 Guardian.
    The .32 is much more uncomfortable for pocket carry than the Keltec P32.
    While nice guns, the Guardians are just heavy little things.

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