I'm so confused.

I'm so confused.

This is a discussion on I'm so confused. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had basically decided that I was gonna buy a p3at but I finally got to shoot one. I was seriously disappointed to say the ...

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Thread: I'm so confused.

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    I'm so confused.

    I had basically decided that I was gonna buy a p3at but I finally got to shoot one. I was seriously disappointed to say the least. I know it's for very close range shooting but wow. I was shooting at a range of about 12-14 yards and unless I took about 8 hours to pull the incedibly heavy trigger I couldn't hit a damn thing. I was so inaccurate I couldn't even test repeat shots.

    I'm sure that one can learn to be pretty accurate with them but wow.

    One more question??? How is the trigger on a pf9 compared to the p3at?

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    Much better.

    They specifically made it better because that was a big complaint.
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    The P3AT will be harder to shoot because of the longer trigger pull, short grip and follow up shots will be much harder to control. Check your grip and shorten up the shooting distance to 0 to 7 yards. I have one with a CT laser grip and is my daily carry backup gun at bad breath distances.

    I also own and carry a PF9. The gun is easier to shoot because of the better trigger and longer grip making it much easier to shoot. I can get hits much easier at further distances.

    Hope that helps.

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    As has been said, typical distance is 7 yards. I have an LCP and it is very accurate at 21 to 25 feet. If you stage the trigger(take it about half way, you'll get the feel on your gun) and then acquire your sight picture, your accuracy will improve.
    The LCP (and P3AT) are not range guns, but I love mine. It's a great compromise of size, weight, caliber and firepower.

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    One pull of the horrible trigger told me it was time to get rid of my new Ruger LCP.
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    I enjoy shoot my P3AT much more than my PF9

    I started out shoot handgun again seriously about 2 years ago and was not accustomed to 1911 style triggers, therefore the Kel Tec triggers seems just fine to me.

    Remember the long trigger is a safety factor, and what I do is:

    1. Take up the slack in trigger.

    2. Push the gun toward target with barrel elevated up.

    3. Then as you lower the barrel until front sight lines up on target.

    4. Fire

    I really enjoy using 3 targets about 3to6 feet apart and getting up close say 6ft. or less from targets and do speed double taps(mostly point and shoot) kind of feel the blast from the shot on your face.

    The P3AT works very well in this role, I believe this little gun was made for up close (smell their bad breath) and fast double taps.

    The PF9 is slower in this role due to recoil and muzzle flip.

    At 1 to 3 yards I don't see much difference between 380HP and 9mmHP double tapped.

    IMO folks try to mix the roles of different firearms:

    Small belly gun P3AT, LCP etc are for up close and personal speed shooting (get off me you dirt bag), although they can be very effective at reaching out and touching if practiced with.

    Other firearms and calibers handle longer ranges much better than small belly guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fernset View Post

    I'm sure that one can learn to be pretty accurate with them but wow.

    One more question??? How is the trigger on a pf9 compared to the p3at?
    It's slightly less bad, but its still a small DAO pistol.

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    I haven't shot a Keltec yet that I thought gave me an advantage over a rock. I bought their 40 cal version and doubt I could hit you if I put it to your chest as I pulled the trigger. Without a doubt the worst gun I've ever owned and will forever because there probably isn't a second sucker on earth to buy it from the first sucker, me. But if you want it, PM me and you can get it for a great price.

    S&W made a little Sigma 380 and 9mm a few years ago that was a much better pistol all the way around. That little 380 is the only 380 I will probably ever own. I just like calibers with more grunt to them than 380 and even feel undergunned with a 9mm. That should get me flamed!
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    It took me a several weeks to be decent at 7 yards with my P3AT, but its my BUG. I plan to only resort to it if I've exhausted everything else. And the only time I carry it as my primary is when my dress can't accommodate my EDC and that is for a 3-5 hours at a time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    One pull of the horrible trigger told me it was time to get rid of my new Ruger LCP.
    That's really surprising... My new LCP has a smooth trigger pull. Of course it's long, but it's lighter than most DA wheel guns... I haven't got to shoot it yet, due to my surgery, but using snap caps it seems pretty controllable...
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    Practice - and the pinky extension helps. You're better off staging the trigger, or firing more quickly. Trying to be slow gives you the "shakes" with a long heavy trigger.
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    To me all the small 380's and 32's are gut and go. They are for getting an assillant that has gotten to close off you quickly.

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    installing the pinky xtension really makes alot of difference. I found the p3at to be suprisingly accurate, but that was after I installed the pinky xtension. the trigger just takes awhile to master
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    One pull of the horrible trigger told me it was time to get rid of my new Ruger LCP.
    Did you really get rid of it? A lot of small pistols' triggers smooth out after a box or two of ammo.

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    It's a great little pocket pistol. So many times it slips into the waistband of dress slacks with shirt tucked and no one is wiser. Great BUG also. And the gun IS capable of being shot accurately. Practice, practice, practice.
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