Ultra Carry II & Mags?

Ultra Carry II & Mags?

This is a discussion on Ultra Carry II & Mags? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My local shop has an Ultra Carry II in black matte finish. The price is $850, which I figure is about right? It only comes ...

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    Ultra Carry II & Mags?

    My local shop has an Ultra Carry II in black matte finish. The price is $850, which I figure is about right? It only comes with one magazine. I'll need extra mags. Whose brand are you all using with this model?

    I'll probably go and make the buy tomorrow if it's still there!!!

    Thanks for any info...

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    I've pretty much stuck with Wilsons and Tripp Cobra mags in my 1911s, including several Kimbers....$850 for a regular Ultra Carry? Night sights or standard?

    MSRP is as follows:
    Retail Price: $888.00 .45 ACP
    $996.00 / Night Sights .45 ACP

    $850 for standards sights is too high IMHO, if it has night sights the price would be OK.

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    I agree with JD, my Tactical Ultra runs best with Wilson mags, never tried Tripp Cobra... If you could haggle the price down to $800, that would be ok...
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    It's a "Standard" model. I'll have to see what kind of a deal I can or cannot do!

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    I also use Wilson Combat mags in my Kimbers. In my Ultra CDP II, the standard carry configuration is a 7-round low-profile stainless model 47,OX, with an 8-round 47DOX as a spare. Always carried Condition One, of course.
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    I run stock Kimbers in my Ultra Carry II and it's been flawless from day one.
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    I have Wilson Combat Mags for my Kimber Ultra Raptor and they work flawless.


    I did this last week while doing some fast mag reloads...

    I dropped the Kimber mag then slammed the Wilson magazine home and started firing.
    When I dropped the mag in my left hand blood was running down the grip

    I need to learn to get that pinkie out like a gentleman sipping tea

    The Wilson mag locks tight in the frame notch and with the extra
    plastic on the baseplate plus the Ultra's small officer grip... OUCH

    I may switch to flat baseplate mags if I get bit again.

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    I have use Kimber's stainless KimPro Tac-Mags for my Ultra CDPII and they have performed flawlessly. I have the medium pads on 2 of them and 3 that I leave the pads off to mount flush. You can find them at:Kimber America Store > Compact KimPro Tac-Mag, stainless, 7-round, .45 ACP, interchangable pads

    Here's how the mags mount flush:

    And here's how the mags with medium pads look:

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    I have been using the Kimber Pro mags in mine....I started having FTFs so I've ordered a Wilson Combat to see if that corrects the problem. If it does I'll order more, if not...I'll call Kimber.

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    I had no problems with my Ultra CDP or my Compact CDP until I tried some Wilson mags...every problem was with the Wilson mags. My Kimber mags gave me no problems. I got rid of the Wilsons and picked up aditional Kimber mags. I'm just sayin'...
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    I use the stock Kimber mags and have not had any problems.
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