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Too weak to pull DA trigger?

This is a discussion on Too weak to pull DA trigger? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Let her, don't make her, try a Glock 19. Inexpensive, high capacity, very easy shooting. Both my daughters use them for CCW and my ten ...

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Thread: Too weak to pull DA trigger?

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    Let her, don't make her, try a Glock 19. Inexpensive, high capacity, very easy shooting. Both my daughters use them for CCW and my ten year old niece shoots one with ease.
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    Quote Originally Posted by operator0 View Post
    I'm amazed at all the replies from people who are dumbfounded that she can't pull the trigger.

    Let me tell you my experience letting female members of my family shoot my Smith and Wesson 640 and 686:

    My sister who is 5'2 130lbs fixes plumbing and does carpentry work on her house. When I say that, I don't mean she hands tools to her husband, I mean SHE does it. He wouldn't know which end of a screw driver to use. She has problems pulling the trigger of both of my revolvers in DA. She can do it, but not well enough to shoot the gun competently.

    My sister-in-law who is 5'4" 130lbs can barely squeeze the trigger enough to dry fire the gun one time. She has 5 kids and I don't have to tell most about how physical it is running after them.

    My cousin who is 5'7" 120lbs and is 24yrs. She's climbed Mt Fuji at night and was a very good water polo player in High School. She simply can't squeeze the trigger in DA.

    None of the females I have let shoot my guns, shoot them in DA. They simply don't have the finger strength. They like shooting my 686 in SA, but my cousin has some trouble safely cocking the hammer.

    To sum up; I don't believe your soon-to-be wife is out of the ordinary. I certainly don't think there's anything wrong with her.
    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Ng View Post
    Can I ask why you want to get her a revolver in the first place?

    There's this common idea that revolvers are better for women since they are less complex and that somehow makes them better for women. If your women has the IQ of a brick, maybe, but other than that, there are no benefits:

    1) Most revolvers have relatively heavy DA-only trigger pulls. While some think this is great for a self-defense gun because it reduces the chances of an accidental discharge, what it does for women is force them to use a good portion of their finger strength and sends accuracy into the gutter. When we all know that trigger control is one of the most important aspects of accuracy - why do we think that giving a woman the worst triggers possible is a good idea?

    2) Revolvers have significantly more felt-recoil than semi-autos. Not much to say about this, but given a semi-auto and a revolver of the same weight firing the same cartridge, the semi-auto will kick a lot less. This will help keep your woman's technique in check (less flinching) and allow her to run a more powerful cartridge than she'd be able to run in a revolver.

    3) Capacity - this doesn't need much explaining.

    4) Weight - the point is that for the gun to be effective she needs to carry it. A 5 pound J-frame isn't going to be in the purse all that often, a Kahr or mini-Glock would be. If you're thinking about those titanium air-weight revolvers in .38 and .357mag - the .38 kicks harder than a hot .40 in a small Glock, and the .357 kicks like a .460 in a 1911 ... neither are girl-friendly.

    5) Revolvers aren't very purse-friendly. Chances are, if you can get your girl to carry at all, she's going to carry in her purse. She's not going to want to stick a holster on the gun while its in the purse because of the precious cargo-room it eats up. With an auto she at least has the ability to leave the gun in there without a round in the chamber, with a revolver she needs to run a holster - she has no choice in that matter.

    My recommendation is that you look at an officer's-sized 1911 chambered in 9mm - and possibly with an aluminum frame for the weight savings. The recoil springs on 9mm 1911s are light enough that she should be able to rack the slide easily, and the short 4lb pull should be easy for her to handle - and handle accurately. The round is powerful enough to be effective but not enough to scare her away from pulling the trigger.

    That's my $0.02.
    Excellent answers.
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    ha ha, as far as the trumpet player finger strengthening tool goes... I'd have to say, I play professionally, they are hilarious. I like the rubber band idea, also practice curls with your fingers. It sounds sorta like a tendon strength thing to me. As far as the curls go, get a bag of some sort and load it up with various amounts of whatever and practice a "pulling the trigger" type motion.
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    Where to start?

    Yes, I am a girl, and not a ton of experience shooting, nor am I particularly strong.

    I agree that a revolver is a good entry handgun.

    Great point from SteveW: "if she can't pull the trigger she won't be able to rack a slide". I am very accurate at the range with a DA 38 revolver with a strong trigger pull, but I still struggle at times racking slides (and try to do this with hand lotion on, forget it).

    Don't confuse "can't" with "won't and does not want to try too hard".

    Is the trigger sharp? Sometimes that edge makes it feel like a knife blade on a hand that is not tough and calloused. I ended up bandaided and bloody at my last range class from shooting, now when I am in a class with lots of rounds I wear a thin glove part way through. Maybe a glove would give her more confidence to try harder.

    How about taking a class WITHOUT the male significant other in attendance. I learn more and better without him there for some reason.

    If she needs confidence with carrying, have her start carrying an unloaded gun, just around the house or wherever. It is confidence building.

    Isn't there a hammer that she could cock manually to avoid the DA thing?

    Purse carrys. Has she lost a purse? Had a purse stolen? Had friends with lost or stolen purses? Ever been afraid her purse was about to get stolen? There are lots of options for womens holsters. I've got about four. Holsters for cc are not a singular thing, you need several types depending on what you are wearing.

    Get a yellow Grip Master. That's the lightest one. They sell them on Amazon for $10. I've got a blue and a yellow. Fantastic hand work out.

    Lastly, a 357 revolver just seems a little big to start out with. Heavy and clunky to carry. What works for you may not work for her. Would you carry the same wallet in the same place like she does?

    She will know the right one when she sees and feels it. Watch for the smile.

    I hope this helps and good luck.

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    Ditto cammo girl. The GripMaster builds individual finger strength as well as overall grip and forearm strength.

    "Get a yellow Grip Master. That's the lightest one. They sell them on Amazon for $10. I've got a blue and a yellow. Fantastic hand work out."

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