Revolver newbie (am use to semi's) with questions (S&W 442)

Revolver newbie (am use to semi's) with questions (S&W 442)

This is a discussion on Revolver newbie (am use to semi's) with questions (S&W 442) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I wanted to check out the other (and I know it, original) side and look at revolvers for ccw. Actually, more of a BUG ...

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Thread: Revolver newbie (am use to semi's) with questions (S&W 442)

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    Revolver newbie (am use to semi's) with questions (S&W 442)

    So I wanted to check out the other (and I know it, original) side and look at revolvers for ccw. Actually, more of a BUG for me but obviously I still need to be competent with it.

    My questions, and I already settled on a S&W 442 for better or worse:

    1) moon clips don't fit it correct? (I didn't get the pro version, though maybe should have, but too late now!)

    2) are all speed loaders created equal? I assume you have to buy gun specific ones so the diameter size is correct? Any suggestions?

    3) Other than using a bore snake down the tiny barrel, wiping out it a chamber where the striker pin/hammer deploys?, and I assume run something through each cylinder, is there any other care I should be aware of?

    4) Any other accessories I should be considering? I am going to put LG-305 crimson trace on it (though I am going to use the stock sights for quite awhile before relying on the laser).

    Sorry for such the newbie questions...can't believe I now own a wheelgun!

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    Congrats!! You've made an excellent choice. I too have the 442 and it is excellent for CC, pocket, ankle, IWb. Very versatile. Moon clips will not work with this revolver. The speed loader has to be made to fit the S&W 5 shot revolver (the package will indicate S&W). Speed loaders do not work well with the factory rubber 442 grips. Try speed strips. They hold 6 rounds. Load 2 on one end and 3 on the other leaving an empty slot in the middle making it easier to hold while loading.

    For cleaning, I use break free and a brush with cotton patches and a rod to dry and then a very light coat of rem oil. I clean the entire gun everytime I come back from the range.

    Get a pocket holster and/or IWB and you'll be good to go. Practice the DAO trigger as it has a lot of resistance and takes some getting used to. Try both standard and +P ammo. I practice mainly with cheap standard, but do run some +Ps occasionally and carry +Ps. Practice with both one hand and two, and practice weak hand firing.

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    Great choice, very nice gun.

    You can use moonclips if you have the cylinder machined to accomodate them. It is a simple job and it costs <$100, you just send your cylinder in, they do the work and return it. The moonclips are readily available. Plus, you can still shoot the gun without them. Check out Pinnacle High Performance and TK Customs.

    There are two kinds of speed loaders - HKS, they have a knob that you turn to release the cartridges into the cylinder, and Safariland, they have a push button release. Just a matter of personal preference, but I think the Safariland are faster. Moonclips are faster than either.

    When you clean it, make sure you don't leave the chambers oily.
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    As far as cleaning goes, basically if it looks dirty, clean it. Clean the barrel and charge holes (the holes in the cylinder) with a rod and brush. Clean around the forcing cone (the entrance to the barrel) with a toothbrush dipped in solvent. Push the ejector rod and clean under the ejector star with a rag or brush depending on level of dirt. Not having a 442 myself I don't know how the black finish shows powder and lead, but for my stainless revolvers I use a "lead clean cloth" to clean the front face of the cylinder. That's really about it. Welcome to the revolver cult, you can't buy just one.

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    Thanks for the input. I can't wait to hit the range this weekend with it.

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    I got a new 442 about a month ago

    It's a great Gun enjoy

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    Push your extracting rod in the wheel ..... clean it and oil it lightly. Make sure the wheel spins freely and easily. Make sure the wheel locks in well and all the way. I've seen people new to revolvers not push the wheel in all the way locked, and then raise it to shoot..... plop... nothing and the wheel falls open.

    remember finger control and not putting your finger on the trigger until you plan to shoot it.

    Keep your fingers and hand away from the wheel and especially the front of the wheel when you are shooting it..... or you will regret it. Gases escape here under some high pressure, and enough to cause you some serious damage.
    Watch where you put your non-grip hand and that you aren't putting it in that area, or any appendages.

    NO.. not all speed loaders are the same . I have HK, but want to go to Safariland.... as with them it's pushing the button to release the cartridges into the wheel and much easier / faster. Carry a couple of extras , loaded, on you.

    You didn't ask, but NO ... you do not need to leave an empty at the hammer when you carry. It's safe. Some older guns (50'/60's) the hammer would hit the bullet if dropped right and go off.. but today's guns are designed not to do that.

    You'll end up loving it.

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    Congrats! You made an excellent choice for a CC gun. I recommend you don’t start out with +P loads. There are plenty of standard .38 loads that will work great. Especially if you’re somewhat new to guns.

    All the other horns and whistles will come and it’s a good idea to scan this forum and others’ for what works and doesn’t. Decide on how you want to carry and carefully make a selection on a good quality holster. If you’re anything like the rest of us, you will end up with more than one holster to match your season, wardrobe and physical demands.
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    You made a good choice with the 442. I weakside pocket carry mine for my LEO backup weapon. When my primary weapon gets put away, the 442 is transfered to my strong side pocket until I go to bed.

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