Range Report Taurus Mil Pro PT111

Range Report Taurus Mil Pro PT111

This is a discussion on Range Report Taurus Mil Pro PT111 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I just returned home from the range tonight. My girlfriend and I went after work today to break in my new Mil Pro. I ...

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Thread: Range Report Taurus Mil Pro PT111

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    Range Report Taurus Mil Pro PT111

    So I just returned home from the range tonight. My girlfriend and I went after work today to break in my new Mil Pro. I have been itching to get out ever since I got this back right before Christmas, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

    So off we went with my P94 in tow for a good time. I loaded up my first clip with 115gr FMJ PMC Bronze Ammunition (the local range ammo) and as I looked down those Heinie Straight Eight sights something just seemed kinda weird to me, then I realized it was the sights, i was not used to them. I adjusted based on what I have read here and on taurusarmed.net and I'll be dammed but my first shot squeezed off nicely and even landed in the exact vicinity that I was aiming for. Needless to say I was presently surprised. As I went through that first clip it was super smooth I was very impressed and yet surprised at how well I was able to adjust to the straight eight sights. Not every shot landed exact, there is a little bit of a science to them. Still I was happy with my placement and grouping.

    For the second clip I let me girlfriend have the honors. She popped off 9 rounds before she got one that failed to chamber this was only because she has a tendency to limp wrist. She got some GREAT coaching by one of the guys that works there after the fact.

    After blowing through 4 clips I was even more happy than I was before. I have to say so far this new gun shoots well, goes bang every time I pull the trigger and feels solid.

    I even geared up with my new CB MiniTuck after we were done (I can not CC at work) and we went out to dinner after and my girlfriend didn't even notice till we got back home and I took off my over shirt.

    Now for the bad news...

    So as we were walking around after shooting both my guns and my girlfriend shooting the range's CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom (another nice gun) that she really likes, we went to the showroom and started looking at guns that fit her well. We went through a couple of different Sig's another CZ 75 and then they gave her a Beretta PX4 Storm that fit her just right. It just fit right in her hand and she was instantly comfortable with it. Now she is interested in picking up one for herself and even possibly considering getting her WA CPL as well. This is a bigger victory to me than me having such a good time with my new Mil Pro.

    Attached is a picture of my first clip through the Taurus.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Range Report Taurus Mil Pro PT111-img_0380.jpg  

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    Glad things turned out good, the first time out with the Taurus...
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    Looks like you were shooting to wound instead of kill...lol

    Just kidding. I've only owned one Taurus and it was the 1911. So far it's one of my favorite gun to shoot.

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    Wife owns and shoot very well a PT111, however it is to big for her to CC and be comfortable with.

    Sometimes she evens lets me shoot it.

    She is talking about using it as her bed side table gun.

    PT111 is a good gun, but just to wide for her to body carry well and to heavy for her to purse carry.

    Maybe she would be willing to trade it off to me.
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    I have the pt 111 and love it. The sights are a bit tough to get the hang of, but once you do, as you found they work fine. Good on you, it is a good gun to have.

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    pt111 shares carry duty with a glock 19 & 30sf...

    several thousand rounds without a hiccup and puts everything i feed it where i point it....been a great gun...perfect for light carry when the glocks just seem like too much to cover....

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