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K Frame Size Revolvers- SW 686 vs. ?

This is a discussion on K Frame Size Revolvers- SW 686 vs. ? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I forgot to mention I own a model 13 w/ 4" barrell. This gun has the nicest trigger I have ever fired. DA it is ...

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Thread: K Frame Size Revolvers- SW 686 vs. ?

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    I forgot to mention I own a model 13 w/ 4" barrell. This gun has the nicest trigger I have ever fired. DA it is buttery smooth and in SA its crisp. This comboallows this to all so be my most accurate centerfire pistol.

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    ^+1 on the 4 inch model 13. The OP needs to put in the dry fire work and master the double action stroke. After some time on the trigger, groups will begin to shrink. Remember, firm grip and straight back on the trigger. Try setting a dime on top of the frame and rolling the trigger back as many times as you can before it falls. Good luck and stay safe on the new job. Small groups are nice, but emphasize that first shot, group of one if you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugergirl View Post
    Better than a 686?
    Nasty trigger pull?
    Have you ever fired a 686?
    I have a 686+(3" barrel) and a GP100(6" barrel), night and day difference in the triggers and accuracy.
    Rent and shoot a 686 and tell me if you don't love the trigger.
    A long trigger pull can contribute to great target shooting if you get used to it and the trigger on a 686 is one of the best factory triggers I've ever found, I actually shoot the 686 more accurately in DA than SA, the Ruger GP100 is a bit gritty and my Model 36 is just plan nasty is DA, but great single action.
    Try one.

    Yeah I have to agree with this on the 686 trigger pull. I have a 4" model, very pleasant weapon to shoot in DA.

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    As already mentioned, the 686 is a "L" frame. It is heavier than a "K"
    but has some advantages, IMHO, over the "K" ( BTW, I have carried & still do, both ( L = LEO Duty & currently open) K (4") CC)
    Advantage of the "L" comes about, if you use .357 mag. This frame was designed to handle .357 mag, after it was found that the "K" "showed some "problems" with .357 mag (esp. hotter loads)

    I carry my 66 4" Reg. as my primary. Even though, I have put 1,000s of .357 mag rd.s through it, I never have had a prob. ( not = NO "hot Loads") It is, IMHO, a comfortable gun to carry.

    As to "single action pull."
    1. Yes it will take "practice". but I can & do, have NO prob.
    2. S&W revolvers ( all IMHO, ) have the "smoothest action avail. "straight out of the box & get even better with use,
    If you go the "Ruger" route, although great guns, their "trigger pull is "heavy" & IMHO, need some "tuning" by a good "smith"

    Used ????

    There are several things to look for ( wear ( lands & grooves) Timing etc. Since are not "knowledgeable about Revolvers, I would have any "used" one checked by a "smith"


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