Looking for a New 1911...

Looking for a New 1911...

This is a discussion on Looking for a New 1911... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; ...because i just got my first set of W-2's in the mail today. you know what that means: i get a big fat check of ...

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Thread: Looking for a New 1911...

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    Looking for a New 1911...

    ...because i just got my first set of W-2's in the mail today. you know what that means: i get a big fat check of my own money back!

    i've been agonizing over my next handgun purchase. i've been mulling over several choices over and over again. do i get the Ruger SP101 with the 3" barrel and bobbed hammer? how about a Charles Daly Hi Power? maybe a Sig Sauer 229? or perhaps another 1911? hmmm....

    i've been thinking on getting a compact model. i already own, and love, a full sized model. but, i think she needs more genteel company than mine. plus, while i can conceal the full size, it sure would be nice to have a compact model to conceal even more, for those days when discretion is necessary.

    this is what i'm looking for: i want one with an Officer's frame, but a Commander or longer slide. stuff like grips, sights, and other stuff are extraneous; i'm only concerned with the slide/frame size. i know Colt used to make one like that, and that Sig has the C3. anyone else make one like that? i wentr to shop today, and molested....uh, i mean handled the C3. yes, it's a beautiful, silky smooth, flowery smelling, sexy gun, the kind i'd take for long walks on the beach. i just wanted to know if anyone else made a 1911 with my required parameters.

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    STI, Les Baer, Dan Wesson, Kimber, Nighthawk Custom, Wilson Combat and of course Sig all make CCO sized guns. My vote currently goes to the Dan Wesson CCO or the Les Baer Stinger.

    CD stopped making their Hi Power, but you should be able to find one somewhere. A lower cost compact 1911 option would be a Rock Island Compact, but that has a 3" or 3.5" barrel as opposed to the 4 - 4.25 that you're looking for.

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    I believe the Kimber Compact is the frame/slide combo your looking for.

    Specifications: Height (inches) 90° to barrel: 4.75
    Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 27
    Length (inches): 7.7
    Magazine capacity: 7
    Recoil spring (pounds): 22.0
    Full length guide rod
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    Smith and Wesson Compact ES. Product: Model SW1911 Compact ES

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    The Dan Wesson CCO would top my list...
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    Les Bear.

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    I am quite happy with my 3-1/16" SP101, but unless something just changed at Ruger, they only offer this longer SP101 with a spurred hammer. I had a take-out factory hammer, bought several years ago through evilbay, waiting to drop into this SP101.

    A normal-sized Browning/FN Hi-Power has a shorter grip frame than a full-sized 1911, making for I think to be a tidy carry package.

    I have stated many times in the past my preference for Les Baer 1911s, due to the way the junction of the trigger guard and front strap is sculpted. I have seen this termed an undercut trigger guard, and a high-cut front strap. Either way, a 1911 without this feature now feels weird to me, and my only 1911 is a Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special.

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    Are you looking to purchase something of the shelf or would you consider something built to order? JOJO'S Gun Works, LLC - Welcome anything your wallet can afford. Great guys! Incredible work!

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    Easy Concealment

    Over the years, my thoughts have changed a bit. My first 1911 was (is) a Series 70 Commander. I started making changes by installing a Swenson left safety and doing a trigger job. Then I dreamed up the idea of installing a NM barrel and having the extra length at the muzzle MagNaPorted. (Not saying I originated the idea, but I thought it up myself and arranged for Frank Paris to do so as part of a general run-through.) It was my daily carry piece---in a Sparks Summer Special---for a number of years. Then I got one of the first dozen of stainless Detonics. It was stolen and I went back to the Commander for another period.
    About five years ago I got a Kimber Ultra CDP II. It's a good size for daily wear, but Ive trimmed off the corner at the bottom of the mainspring housing because it seems to be the area that's most likely to 'print'. And I had BarSto make me a five inch barrel. MagNaPort has done its work as well. I've found that slide/barrel length is immaterial in concealment, but I've eliminated the extra weight of the longer slide. I carry it in a Wilson IWB holster.

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    If you are looking for a gun that you can count on, I really like my SP101 2.25" spurless. Now that my Tuck Snap holster from Side Guard Holsters came in, this has become my primary CCW. I have to say though, I practice with this gun because I have to, not because I like to.

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    Very pleased with my Kimber SIS Pro 4".
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    Les Baer.
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    All I can say is I wouldn't go with the SIG 1911. I have a full-sized one and it's been back to the factory twice now with extractor problems. Still isn't perfect, and that's the full size model. Since the shorter barreled ones are sometimes even more finnicky, I think I'd go Kimber instead. I know there are surely plenty out there that run just fine, but from scanning boards it seems to be more common with the SIG models to have some hiccups.

    P.S. I have a P229 in .40 and absolutely love it, not trying to bash SIG here, just saying their 1911s still seem to have a few kinks to work out.

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    I was very surprised with the quality, reliability, and accuracy of my new 45 ACP.
    It's a Ruger P345. It's about the size of a Commander, it's thin, has a 4.25" barrel, safety/decocker, second strike capable, and weighs about 30 0z. This baby came home with me for around $450 brand new. So far over 400 flawless rounds. You can buy one of these, and use the rest of the $$$ for ammo!


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    Choosing between the C3 and CCO would be difficult.

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