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Glock 36, opinions?

This is a discussion on Glock 36, opinions? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I love my is my EDC. It conceals very well, fits my hand perfectly, and is a great shooter. Don't get rid of it....

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Thread: Glock 36, opinions?

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    I love my is my EDC. It conceals very well, fits my hand perfectly, and is a great shooter. Don't get rid of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siafu View Post
    While the voices of the Glock fanboys are very loud,
    Yeah, and there's a ton of us too....

    While some of your post about various calibers in the Glock line may have some truth to it. It would be fair to add that the problems that have occurred, are always being addressed and corrected as the present themselves, as with most reputable manufactures. Cure for such problematic models is to buy a later run of said pistol. By then you should have a pistol that runs like it should.

    Go Glock, Kahr and Ruger..... I'm a fanboy of anything that works as it should.


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    Personally, I'm taking a hard look at the G36 for my next Glock.

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    Mine has been nothing but 100%. The only thing I don't like about it is the factory mag extension. I replaced mine with +0 Pearce extensions as I found myself with some serious blood blisters from the factory mag extension pinching my pinkie finger.

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    My first G36

    My old department uses Sigs exclusively. Even though I still had 4-5 Sigs, I finally bought my first Glock last fall (G-19). What a great gun.

    So, a week ago at a local gun show, a dealer offered me a new G-36 and cash for my Sig 1911 and I took him up on it. I traded in my Sig compact custom shop SAS 1911. (By the way, this Sig 1911 was about my only Sig I have ever had problems with-even though they were very minor and Sig, as usual treated me very good/3 day turnaround time, etc).

    I got home from the gun show and then happened to read up on all the bad press on the G-36 (this web site is interesting Glock 36 Malfunction ).

    I called Glock and talked to their service rep. Told him my background, love affair with Sigs and full size 1911s and how much I liked my first Glock (the G19). He was a great guy to talk to. Said he liked and owned several Sigs and 1911s also. Gave him the serial number of my new G-36 and he said I should have no problems, "just enjoy it".

    I am looking forward to carrying and shooting this G36 when I get a chance. I carried a 1911 several times while I was on the job (in plain clothes/with department permission) and probably never carried it correctly (ie., cocked and locked or whatever). I personally feel that if I want to carry a .45 ACP, and since being retired I vary almost daily what I carry (bad habit), I should carry the gun with the most simple manual of arms (ie., a Glock or something similar not a slightly more complex 1911 style). [I just remembered, I used to own a Sig P245 for about 6 months. I traded it off because it just did not feel right.]

    By the way, I love 1911s (own two full size all steel ones and also the new Sig 238). However, I think I am getting to old to be including these 1911 style guns in my rotation of carry guns. I sort of envy the guys how can actually safely do this.

    Great thread as always.

    Trooper Joe
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    Just put another 100 rounds down range with my G36 yesterday, bringing my grand total to over 1,200 rounds through it with not a single malfunction of any kind. That being said, and I love my G36, I would recommend the G23 (13 +1 rounds of .40s&w) over the 36 (6+1 rounds of .45ACP) because they are almost identical in size, weight, and concealability. Or just do what I did and buy/ carry them both!
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    I have wondered about the G36 before. It appears that older series could have feeding problems. Below is a link to a forum about this issue; I also read the same type of information in other place. I am not a Glock guy and therefore I do not know if the information is true or not. I am posting this only to make you aware that the info exist so you can research about the topic by yourself.
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    Keep the gun what ever you do! It's a good firearm and has Glock Perfection. What handgun hasn't had an issue before? The one nice thing I like about my Glock 36 is the finger\magazine extention. You can add one more round for 7+1! I have three mags for my 36 and keep on mag in it's original condition for times when my clothes print a bit more than usual. Its good to have variety.
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    I recently got a G36. I already had a G22 that I didn't carry much because I was having problems with printing. Once I got the G36 I ordered a couple of IWB holsters from DeSantis. Both holsters fit both guns and concealment is no longer a problem. Now I am finding it is just as easy to conceal the G22 as the G36. The problem I was having with printing was the slide. Now I have that figured out. If you already have the G36 and it is reliable then I would see no reason to part with it. When I lay my S&W Mod 60 snubby on top of the G36 they are about the same size.
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    Run 400 - 500 rounds thru it over a couple of range sessions. If your G36 is going to have a problem, it will show up sooner rather than later.

    I have several Glocks including the G36. I'm not sold on its reliability yet. Could be ammo picky, or it could be I don't handle a short barrel .45 very well.
    On the other hand, my G19 has been 100% reliable.

    If I had it to do over again, I would probably consider the G26/G27 over the G36. I don't see that the G36 offers a significant advantage over my S&W 637.

    Having said all that, I still believe the G36 is a good choice if it is reliable. Only way to find out is to have fun shooting it.

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    I bought two G36's when they first came out. I've put over 3,000 rounds through one and sold the other NIB to my boss about a year ago. I've never had one malfunction in the one I carry and he hasn't either in his. Maybe I got two good ones. I only use PowerBall and 230 gr hollowpoints by CorBon, Hornady TAP, or Golden Sabre FWIW.

    I use a strong side Tucker holster, his double mag pouch, and belt and feel that 19 rounds of 45 ACP should handle most any situation. My other Glock is a G32 and using the same Tucker leather gives me 40 rounds of 357 SIG in a reasonable carry rig. The biggest problem I have with Tucker is the wait if you can't find what you need in a store. Guess you can't have everything go your way.
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    I've had a G36 for almost a year now and it has been perfect. Not only for me, but my son(16) and husband have shot it as well, no issues.
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    Put close to 1000 rds thru my Glock 36 without a hiccup.

    If I'm not carrying my 1911, I've got my G36

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    I've had my G 36 for a little over a year, great gun ,no problems ,you will love it.

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    LOVE mine and it is what I carry most of the time.
    Hornady 200gr +P in it right now.

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