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Glock 36, opinions?

This is a discussion on Glock 36, opinions? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by UpOn2Wheels Love mine - it gets carried much more often than my Glock 26. It'll eat anything you feed it (jacketed bullets ...

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Thread: Glock 36, opinions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UpOn2Wheels View Post
    Love mine - it gets carried much more often than my Glock 26. It'll eat anything you feed it (jacketed bullets only, please) ...
    Why do you say that? Do lead rounds, even 230 gr. round nose have problems feeding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mineralman55 View Post
    Why do you say that? Do lead rounds, even 230 gr. round nose have problems feeding?
    It's because of the polygonal rifling in the barrel. Any handgun with a polygonal barrel are not supposed to have lead bullets shot through them. Look at the business end & if it kind of looks like an outline of a nut, it's polygonal.

    I'm not 100% sure, but I know Kahr, Glock, I thing Springfield's XD, & some Sigs have it. Again, I might be incorrect on this.

    As to the G-36, it sure seemed that the problematic ones were/are the early ones. Mine was an early one ('05/'06, I believe), but it's trouble-free. I did sell it to a friend, but am getting it back.

    My issue with it was that it's basically the size of a G-19 (& other models that are the same size) & I didn't see the point at the time. However, the longer slide helps in appendix carry, for me, & so I'm getting it back. I found it to be the best shooting of all the Glocks I've tried/own & the slim, single stack grip sure helps in CC, IMHO.

    The point about its limited capacity vs revolvers is interesting. However, while I grew up & learned on revolvers, the Glock's trigger makes for better follow-up shots for me. Also, there's the issue of quick reloads. I agree that the likelihood is low & might be more "area specific". If you live in a city or area where crime is relatively high, then something that can be reloaded quickly can be a plus. Also, the Glocks short/light trigger plus short reset are pluses over the revolver. Revolvers don't have short resets.

    I do, however, understand those that prefer to carry a revolver. I have a S&W 442 & have & do carry it now & then.

    Anyways, staying on track (Sorry about that), the G-36, especially if it's a trouble-free one, is an excellent gun.

    Keep it.
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    I purchased a G36 last month and have put 1000 rounds through it already in the past few weeks. It's been absolutely flawless with all types of ammo I've thrown downrange. I use a Galco Combat Master leather holster worn on my belt and tucks to the body nicely without any printing. I don't put myself in situations where there could be roving gangs to worry about so the 6 +1 configuration I keep it in plus 2 extra mags is sufficient enough to stop a threat.

    This being my first Glock, I'm really impressed with it and enjoy knowing when the trigger is pulled we're always in business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus40 View Post
    ... I am left handed thus part of the reason for my fondness of Glocks.
    I don't get it...last I knew, there was only one modern auto that was a true southpaw capable hangun. The smith and wesson M&P line. I must be missing something here...I have owned and carried a Glock 36 and last I knew, it was NOT a southpaw gun.
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