@Ram Rod:
Funny how I was mentioning you earlier and before I had a chance to post this response you pop in. I take it you are a "regular" with a whopping 9,473 posts! Thanks for the tip on the "Bore Snake", but do you put any Gunzilla on it or just run it through dry before heading home from the range? Also, there seem to be a few items that share that name, could you provide a link to the one you use? I hear you on the "no kinks" statement and I may be doing the P30 a disservice with my ignorant statement earlier, but I believe the few people that have reported an issue made the statement that it was within the first ~100 rounds and that they merely tossed some 124 grain through it and all was well after that. At this point, I'm pretty sold on the P30s and it seems most agree with your statement about .40 being a decent caliber for CC which is something I'd like to become comfortable in doing. There is definitely a long way before I become comfortable carrying something that is meant to destroy whatever it is pointed at. As for the discussion of ammo, I would greatly appreciate more specifics on what brand/grain/type those that are in the know would purchase. Knowing that I've never even been to the store to purchase ammo nevermind learn the benefits of +P or FMJ are I'd be very interested in the recommendations so I can start out with a decent brand and learn from there.

Thanks again to everyone for their uber-fast response to a noobie's questions!
We're all still noobies here. If we were experts, we'd be bullet proof and live forever. The day we quit learning is the day we expire.
The ammo. Take my previous advice on the 40S&W. You won't find +p in that cartridge. My bore snakes have been impregnated with my choice of cleaner. Actually, if kept in the box they come in and after a few applications, they stay good to go for a long time without any re-application of product.
As far as being a "regular" on this forum, I believe it serves a cause, and I've actually slowed down a bit over the years. A lot of my replies have turned into volumes versus the quick/short reply. For good reasons I believe.
Gunzilla? It's a household name around here, and a forum sponsor to boot.
Use the search function to find out more. I still can't say enough about the product, but then again this isn't a thread about it.
For the most part, and your being new to all of this, you'll find your own way, and you'll find information here that will keep you going in the right direction even after you've made up your mind on what to do and how to do it.
There is definitely a long way before I become comfortable carrying something that is meant to destroy whatever it is pointed at.
Thing that you might want to come to terms with, and I don't mean to sound harsh. How many persons (generic term for BGs or bad guys) are out there right now...near or far...willing to destroy you for what you have on you right now? Your money? Your cigarettes? Your vehicle? And what about those who just make a thrill out of killing somebody? For the fun of it. You do know those types of people are out there amongst society with us right? So what exactly gives the notion of being able to destroy something (someone) more than willing and able to destroy us? A willingness to survive? A noble notion perhaps of the rights we were given under the US constitution? Rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Would you want to waive your rights to all of that, and let somebody take it all away because they just felt like doing so on a whim? That's essentially what we're doing when we assert our rights (or privileges as our governments have made it into). We're assuring our rights as best we can at the time to ensure our continued existence in the face of despair. That my friend is the human endeavor world wide. We are in the best place on earth right now to make that decision, and set things in stone despite ongoing political thinking processes detrimental to popular belief and demand. All in all, we're just another brick in the wall.