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Which Home Defense Shotgun?

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Thread: Which Home Defense Shotgun?

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    Remington 870

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    I bought a Benelli Nova Tactical. If I had it to do again, it would be the Mossberg 500.

    the reason is that I wanted to swap out to a pistol grip stock at some point. With the Remington 870 or Mossberg 500, this is easy. not so much for the Benelli.

    It's neat looking, and dead on reliable, but since I never got to have the pistol grip dealio pan out, I still feel like I went the wrong way...

    But anyway, my Benelli shoots good.
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    I take a bit of a different path...

    Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme in 12-Gauge and 20-Gauge with 3” Chamber

    Mine is in 12ga...
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    Remington 870 tactical

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    I love the 870, I have flash light mount and knoxx stock on it.

    its a great gun and I have never had an issue.
    Carry-S&W 642
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    While a "tactical" version is nice don't turn down a hunting style gun. They are usually cheaper and if you want you can get a long barrel cut for around 40 bucks with a new sight. Since you'll probably use it from a safe room or from a position of cover, the hunting gun will
    work and will throw better patterns probably. If you don't need to move with it a few extra inches of barrel won't hurt.
    Agreed! My shotgun is for static defense once the family is in the safe room. If I need to move within the house, I'm using my Glock, which leaves a hand free for grabbing the kids, doors, light switches, and the phone.

    I don't have a light mounted on the shotgun (870 pump) for this same reason - there will be plenty of light to see what needs to be seen. Keep the gun light weight and simple.
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    IMHO, the Mossberg 410 HD shotgun should not be overlooked.

    Mossberg Model 500 HS 410 Home Security 2 1/2 in -3 in Shotgun 50359, 410 Gauge, 18", 3" Chmbr, Blue

    It is super light, maneuverable. Easy to reload. Relatively inexpensive and fo-fo free.

    I have a Mossberg 500 in stainless and it is a BEAST. I am lusting after the little 410. Not as sexy as the ss 500 with the pistol grip, but a great shooter. Get your hand on that pistol grip slide thingy and fling that thing around with confidence. Whaaaahooo. Make my day. Way funner than a pistol grip.

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    Looking for an Kalashnikov chambered in 12, 20 or .410 gauge? The Saiga shotguns fit in your price range. I have one and love it.

    **Warning** Although the entry price is very competitive, accessorizing the Saiga gets expensive very quickly. An 8 round magazine will run you ~$30 for example.
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    the new Beretta looks nice

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    Bought a Maverick 88 (built by Mossberg) HD 12 ga awhile back at Academy Sports for $182 and have been very pleased. It has a composite stock, 18 1/2 inch barrel, and 5-round capacity. I added a Lumaforce light, and it's good to go. You would be hard pressed I think to find a new gun cheaper than that. I wouldn't use it to hunt, but for HD, you can't beat it.

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    You should be able to find a police trade in for a couple hundred bucks. I know Buds had a mess of 870's for 219 bucks back a month ago.
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    I got my Mossberg 500 at Walmart 11 years ago for $195.
    I've lost count of how many rounds of bird, buck, and slugs I've put through it and we're both still happy. Its my HD weapon of choice.

    I found a Remington 870 wingmaster at a gun show then got me a 18" barrel and made it my patrol shotgun (only brand we can have and had to be wingmaster or Police model).

    I can't speak for others and there are a lot of them out there.
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    Mossberg 500 or 590. Mine is completely reliable and love the safety on the top of the gun by my thumb.

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    i've got the mossberg 500 persuader model 12 gauge pump with the heat shield. hard to beat for the price of $329 and a 10 year warranty (not that much can happen to a scattergun anyway).

    like that safety on top as well, as the previous post mentioned. plus the US military has been using mossberg 590's for some time now with great success.

    it's my last resort gun for home defense though. i prefer my g19 with a 33 round mag loaded with LE +P+ for the simple fact that a pistol is easier to maneuver around my house with, not to mention harder for a bad guy to try and grab.

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    Picked up a Mossberg 500 cruiser last month and love it. Added a couple of goodies, like a flashlight, and a laser, due to it being a pistol grip and possibly being shot from the hip. $330 and the police supply store near me (gun only).

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