Opinions? I Have A Chance To Pick Up A Colt Junior .25ACP

Opinions? I Have A Chance To Pick Up A Colt Junior .25ACP

This is a discussion on Opinions? I Have A Chance To Pick Up A Colt Junior .25ACP within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Before the flamethrowers come out, I am not, repeat not going to replace my P7 with this mousegun! Yes, I know it was made by ...

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Thread: Opinions? I Have A Chance To Pick Up A Colt Junior .25ACP

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    Question Opinions? I Have A Chance To Pick Up A Colt Junior .25ACP

    Before the flamethrowers come out, I am not, repeat not going to replace my P7 with this mousegun!

    Yes, I know it was made by Astra in Spain. Yes, I know there is version on the market under the FIE name. Yes, I know the .25ACP cartridge is virtually useless as a PD round and costs more then a "real" calibre.

    However, this one is new and unfired, and I can grab it for $225 (Cdn).

    Is that a deal? Anybody got one that loves or hates it?
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    Maybe an investment purchase? Got pics?
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    As something to add to your collection, I'd say get it... $225 isn't that much for a new, unfired Colt anything... There are two used ones on Gunsamerica for $300 and $350usd...
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    Looks like a fun gun to have in your collection.

    Not sure but there may have been a recall for certain ones with serial numbers that had "CC" or "OD" in them... Just something to check out...


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    That one is on my want list. Not to carry, just to have. Good deal on that one your looking at.
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    The question is do you want it? Then buy it. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about caliber or what it is. If it pleases you to have, hold and own, then buy it. Just owning a piece of history, or a gun I always loved when I was a kid, or whatever brings memories or joy, I just buy it. As for collecting, my kids will end up with them and doing whatever they want. I will never see a collectable income from them just the joy of knowing I own it.

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    That's a good price, I'd buy it. These guns are so tiny and easy to carry, before you know it, it may end up with it in your pocket.

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    I picked this one up in 1968 for $25. It's in .22 Short. Fun little gun. It's actually in better condition than the picture represents. It's not that near dull of a finish.
    I've seen the Colt Jr priced in the $300-$400 range.

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    get it. it is a colt, well some what. but it wears the colt badge. good price and nice little back up pocket gun. the price is good also.
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    Not to derail or detract, but I was given a Colt 25 "somethin-r-nuther". It's been through hell. Beat up a bit and some pitting on the slide, then a REALLY bad reblue job. Right now it's sitting in a little oil to try to keep it from rusting, and I don't see me spending much time or money on it.

    Is it even worth me fixing it up? I can't see any collector wanting it. Anyone know of someone that might buy a junker, to fart around with? Otherwise it will sit there, until it's done for.

    Advice via PMs welcome, to let this thread get back on track.

    Sorry to intrude...
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