Lasers or Lights recommeded?

Lasers or Lights recommeded?

This is a discussion on Lasers or Lights recommeded? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am considering a Laser or Light or combo for my new Glock 29. Are they worth the money? Dont want to waste Money if ...

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Thread: Lasers or Lights recommeded?

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    Lasers or Lights recommeded?

    I am considering a Laser or Light or combo for my new Glock 29. Are they worth the money? Dont want to waste Money if they are not really useful.
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    Here's my take: No.

    Anything that encumbers the firearm is more of a detriment than an aid. Need more light? Keep a real flashlight handy in the nightstand. A mega-flashlight is much cheaper and more powerful than any firearm-mounted light.

    Laser? Eh, maybe. Spend a couple hundred bucks to make a little red light that you have to turn on, or go out to the range and practice close-in point shooting. I figure anything far enough away that I need a laser to sight on it probably isn't a deadly threat.

    I know, everyone's going to come back with the "what if's" but really, how often do those what if's happen? How often are you going to have to rely on that $250 laser or light to save you?

    You can't protect yourself from everything all the time. If you want to lug all these extra expensive attachments around on your gun, by all means, go out and buy it. I think it's more cool movie hype to have them than a practical usefullness. For me, a think a loaded gun will suffice.
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    I dont use lights on rails thats just my preference. That said I LOVE Lasers. I am getting(when I get the $$) a set of those Crimson Trace laser grips for my Taurus CH85. in a low light or pressure situation where you may NOT be able to get a good sight picture....shooting from hip immediately after draw, point shooting, shooting while trying to retain your gun or push off a defender or open/carry do something else(like move a family member to safety) or shooting from any position you may be in where you cant get a sight picture they are invaluable. Nothing beats a good clear sight picture...but good clear sight pictures are often just pipe dreams when your actually IN a situation. And I prefer the CT types because I dont like stuff dangling off the front of the gun and giving me limited choices for they make for a more bulky gun...especially if we are talking CC.

    and with the flashlight option I DONT like to have to basically sweep everything with a loaded gun in a tense moment that I want to look at. id rather use my weak hand for the flashlight. I also like the ability to flash my light independent of the gun cant do that with a rail light, plus I also like the fact that if I think the bad guy/intruder(in a home situation) is isolated in 1 part of the house I can set my light DOWN on something illuminating that area get away from the light(cause thats what the BG is gonna shoot at if he decides he has to shoot) and get to better cover/concealment while still effectively illuminating the area.

    so to sum up

    LASER 1000% YES

    Gun Mounted Light 100% NO

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    I have Crimson Trace on both of my EDC guns. I think it is a good way to practice point and shoot without actually shooting. It also made going to the range, where hopefully all your shooting will take place, a lot more enjoyable since it improved my shooting skills considerably.

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    If you can afford them YES go for both,you can never have enough tools for a weapon! both have there pro's more then cons,you definetely need a light for low light at night,just learn proper use of it! As for laser,can't beat them for certain sighting,again learn proper use of them!

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    If you plan on using the weapon in a home defense scenario, a rail mounted light is nice mainly for the fact that if frees up your non shooting hand. Imagine opening doors or using a cell phone with a gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other??

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    Love my Crimson trace mounted on my Kahr PM9, it is automatic when the grip is held and allow me super fast acquisition of the target. Some people think they can use the laser now and not aim but used in conjunction with the sights, it is amazing. I have adjusted mine to 20' it sits just above where the front site is in your line of view.

    Also had a lasermax on a Sig 239 but it wasn't nearly as bright as the Crimson trace is, also it was not adjustable.

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    I use both lasers and lights on my Glocks and XD. I like adding the light at night, especially when I travel and I am staying in an unfamiliar hotel. The lasers make point shooting much easier especially when drawing the pistols. The light is also nice during a power outage.
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    For a small gun like a j-frame or PM9, P3AT, etc. I think the CT is a great addition. They are close range guns for the most part. And in an SD scenario coming form a pocket, deep cover, etc., you need to be able to draw and fire without using sights sometime. Makes point shooting much easier. On a bigger SD gun like the 29, I dont thing they are worth the $$$. For HD, A rail mounted light makes a lot of sense. I do not carry it in SD settings, I use a hand held light for that duty. Before bed I mount the Surefire x200 to my G23. For everyday use a WML is just too bulky and the available holsters are not very concealable. YMMV
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    I have CT Laser on my P3AT , all I have to say is I will never be without it.
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    My PM9 was mailed today (yeah!). I can't afford the laser right now but maybe for my BDay + Christmas. My thinking is to use it primarily for practice drill at home. Beats patching all those holes! I do well target shooting, especially my Colt Commander, but I need to practice defensive shooting and point shooting at close range.

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    A laser should just be another tool in your bag. It shouldn't replace your skill or training with iron sights. That being said, I have a Crimson Trace LaserGuard for my Kahr PM9. It was dead accurate at 50' from the factory. No adjustment needed. I installed the one on my P380, but have not taken it the range yet.

    It's an extremely useful training tool and lets you instantly see any issues you may have. For example, I realized that I was pulling the PM9 down in anticipation of recoil. So I was consistently shooting lower and to the right by about 3". It's also great for practicing drawing from concealment.

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    A quick flash of a high intensity light while moving to the side can be an advantage in a home invasion situation.

    Have Crimson Trace lasers on my S&W M&P 40, Glock 27, and Kel-Tec P3AT. It makes shooting easier in an emergency situation when you don't have time to take proper aim. The previous point about smaller pistols (which are often harder to control/aim) is valid.

    Learn how to use properly when rounding corners, etc., and you will fall in love. Plus, a red dot could settle a potential firefight without firing a shot (although your adversary may have to change their pants).

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    Lasers are really going high tech these days and small. I think thats what I will go with. Got lots of good lights.

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    Laser for me is a training device. I was aiming low in draw and point shooting. Now I draw and point with my eyes closed. Then I look for the dot. I am trying to get muscle memory for close in distances. My operating theory is the laser will not be available if I need to defend myself. Therefore, it has to be muscle memory for me.

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