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This is a discussion on Carry gun for farmer within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Farming is dirty work and the Revolver wins hands down in this environment. I would pick a caliber capable of flinging a 200 + grain ...

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Thread: Carry gun for farmer

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    Farming is dirty work and the Revolver wins hands down in this environment. I would pick a caliber capable of flinging a 200 + grain bullet at 1200+ FPS. 44 Magnum, 45 LC +P, 41 Magnum would be my top three in that order. Stainless Steel Ruger or Smith and Wesson, your choice. Get a field holster with a full flap, it's slow but protects your gun much better.

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    How about a draco pistal? Short barrel ak that takes standard ak mags. That will stop most things and give you lots of shots.

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    Well some have suggested calibers that are almost artillary rounds!! Think of the odds of you having to defend yourself from a black bear. You're more likely to get killed by lightning. And if one comes along, a .357 will do it. Actually the gun shot sound will likely do it.

    Working outside is dirty and everyone says revolver but my opinion is the opposite. More junk can get to the bad places on a revolver faster than with an auto. Autos are flatter and will be more comfortable and less bulky.

    I wouldn't pick a Tarus Judge for anything. It's huge, heavy, unwieldly, etc.

    I would consider a Ruger SP101 in .357. I'd also consider a Glock in 9mm or .45 if it fits your hand. I do think weigh is a consideration if you're carrying it as you work all day. A big S&W 686 or GP100 revolver will feel pretty heavy by the end of the day!

    Personally, I'd go as light as possible with both the gun and the caliber to make it realistic to always have with me. Now if you're 6' 7" and weigh 230, forget what I just said but if you're average,....well, you know what I mean.

    If it were me, I'd carry a Kahr P9 I have. It's polymer, light, accurage, comfortable to carry IWB all day long and yes, I think a good 9 mm round will dissuage a typical black bear. If it doesn't, you'll at least take some of the fight out of him before he gets to you

    I agree a 10mm or the roland is good for really nailing a bear to the ground but then you have to carry so much gun; really, are you willing to do that? A lot of folks will recommend you do but never would themselves!

    I also have a S&W model 640 in .357, I think that would be a good gun for what you're talking about too.

    And finally, I do think a plain jane 1911 in .45 would be a good choice. I think a Springfield Armory compact (4" barrel) would be an outstanding choice.

    Chances are you'll have a shirt or coat over your gun and a little dust isnt' going to stop that 1911 if it was clean when you walked out in the morning!

    Good luck with your choice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orange Boy View Post
    Have you looked at a Ruger Alaskan? Chamber in .44 magnum minimum. If the chance of bear was very good you could go for the same in 454 Casull...but then again, if the chance of bear was good I'd have a shottie with hard cast slugs or a rifle chambered in H&H .375
    They are PA blackies, not griz or brownies. I've hunted them with a 30-30 and I know some that think a .243 with Partitions is perfect for them. There are some 6-800+ lb bears shot every year but most are a lot smaller. Most trouble you'll find is usually a 150-200ish female with cubs or a young male. The big ones got big because they figured out people are dangerous.
    When it comes to mad cows, ya got me. I did try to ride one once when I was a kid. She didn't like it one bit and neither did I.
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    I carry a 1911 most of the time but when I go to the farm I carry my Glock 21, a few times I have carried my FN five seven it will reach out and touch coyotes.

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    Gp 100.

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    If you're really worried about bears, I'd get one of the .500 cal pistols. Recoil's awful.

    Otherwise, I'd get a Glock 20 in 10 mm.
    Sig 226, 228. Glock 19, 23. Smith Model 60,and 1911. XD45 Tactical. Mossberg 930 SPX.

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    "More junk can get to the bad places on a revolver..."

    Duck hunting can be pretty nasty and the inside pocket of a coat or chest waders is a grimy environment. I've toted the same revolver along for nearly 35 years and it laughs at grit, twigs, leaves, mud, and wet. It's only a carbon steel S&W Model 10 and not a stainless steel model.

    My brother-in-law and I laughing at his Beretta .22 pocket pistol which he used to finish off a wounded duck at 40 yards. The Model 10 is shown here.

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    Ya'll that think an auto will take the same environmental extremes as a Revolver ain't never farmed! You can not compare this to a Military environment because Soldiers and Marines regularly clean thier weapons even if they are not fired. Inspections?
    If you start factoring odds as your reason to carry just leave your guns at home, the most people NEVER need a gun for personal protection.
    You will carry the gun more than you shoot it and cleaning will be a diminishing priority over time.
    You will need a powerful deep penetrating caliber to stop a heavy dangerous predator.
    Large Frame S&W and Ruger Revolvers require little maintenance and are the MOST reliable handguns.

    I stand firm on my original post.

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    I don’t have time to read all the replies so maybe you've decided by now.

    I grew up on a farm and did farm until the 80's farm recession (corn, soybeans and commercial cow herd). If I were still farming and wanted to carry I’d stay away from a slide gun and go with something like a Ruger SP101 in .357 mag. If you really want to go with a slide gun then I’d go with a polimer gun like a Glock, XD or S&W M&P in 40 S&W. Find a range where you can try each one out, get the one you like and then go get a Crossbreed supertuck in horse hide and you’ll be set.

    Good luck...
    Lifetime NRA member.

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    Another one here for the .357 Magnum Smith Wesson K frame or a Ruger GP

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