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Why buy a G26 when there are G27's & G33's

This is a discussion on Why buy a G26 when there are G27's & G33's within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Very good question dennisPA! I was faced with this same conundrum late last year, G26 or G27 and just like you I reasoned go G27 ...

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Thread: Why buy a G26 when there are G27's & G33's

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    Very good question dennisPA! I was faced with this same conundrum late last year, G26 or G27 and just like you I reasoned go G27 and convert to 9mm when I wanted to. But I chose the G26. I have two larger handguns in .40 s&w and truly love them. Because I have issues with my hands (chronic pain) these shooters in this caliber is plenty a handful for me. However my 9mm shooters I can handle very comfortably for long sessions, even the sub compacts I have. Since 9mm ammo is so available verus .40 thats why I went that way. You can't go wrong either way. It comes down to what works for you best, good luck and good shooting. I really love my new little G26!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I'd say get the G27.
    I love my G27, just a big fan of .40 cal
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    Same reason I bought a 19 instead of a 23. My primary carry caliber is 9mm. If I want a .40 or .357, I'll buy one. The only caliber conversion I'd be interested in doing would be a .22 convo. but, then again, I have a couple .22s I enjoy already.
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    I picked the G26. Main reason was cost and availability of 9mm ammo and to have a mate for my G19. I also want a G23 and a G27, so regardless of which ammo may be scarce, I'm covered... Why pick one, when you can have many...
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    I have a 27 for off-duty carry because my dept issues the .40 cal G23 as a duty weapon. I had a 26 in the past. If I had to buy ammo on my $, I would get a 26. As mentioned, there are plenty of good SD 9mm loads out there.

    If you get a 27, you can get a 33 barrel and have no problems. If you get a 9mm barrel, you will also have to switch out your extractor. I wouldn't carry it for SD without doing so. Range use would be fine, where malfunctions won't cost you your life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock30SF View Post
    Get the 26 and learn to shoot it well. Then before you know it your Glock will have offspring (as Glocks have a strange way of multiplying).

    those shameless glocks,
    running around and multiplying and WHATNOT!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joker1 View Post
    Stick with the 9mm, it's usually easier to find
    Wait.. what? I guess it depends on where you are, but I've never had a problem getting .40. Meanwhile, I hear of people never finding 9mm.

    Only reason I'll ever get a 26 (in addition to my 27) is for when my wife caves in and wants to get one. She won't be able to handle the 27.

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    Well, anything Glock would be fine. My preference of YOUR choices would be the '26'.OMO
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    I love my G27 and G23...... For the longest time the G23 was my primary carry gun.... but recently it has been the subcompact G27. It's a powerhouse little pistol.

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    But the 33 is sizzling hot! I've fallen in love with the .357 Sig. A 9mm conversion barrel is under $100. Practice with one, carry the one on steroids.
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    Get the G27 hands down if the selection is b/w those. I have mine and I love it. I just got a storm lake 9mm barrel and I absolutely love it! That's what I would go for. Just my $.02
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    I would get the G26, only because I see no need to use a .40 or a .357 Sig. The 9mm ammo is cheaper, which allows more practice. Recoil is less, so follow-up shots are faster. Penetration is virtually the same. If I got a G27, I would just end up converting it to 9mm, so what's the point? Save the expense and just get the 9mm from the get-go.
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    yea, i was in the same boat. but I had a couple other considerations.

    I really liked the .40, as it has a bit more power, however.

    I already had a S&W 9mm pistol, and I went to the local ranged and rented both (26 & 27).

    I was accurate with both, but went with the 26 because I had more control, and it felt very comfortable, and the 27 has pretty snappy, and didn't give me the confidence in it the 26 did.

    So I went with the 26, very happy I did. Have had a couple chance to shoot it, and don't think I'll ever regret the decision too.

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    The Glock 26 is an excellent choice...I, too, made that selection for my daily CCW off duty. If I go into the woods and/or require something with a bit more zip, I'll strap on my .357 mag or lug my rifle.

    If you can shoot...the 9mm 125 grain + P JHP are up to any defensive task.
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    Thats a heck of an endorsement. Dawgfvr has am awesome SP101 with grips that make me daydream everytime I see them.

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