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Someone mentioned carrying the gun "half cocked". Is that safe in a CZ? I know it is not something that is safe on a 1911 or BHP, the half cock notch isn't all that strong and won't survive a blow.

Half-cocked is a totally safe way to carry. On CZ's with decockers (instead of manual safties), and similar guns (most Sig's) it's really the only way to carry. You chamber a round and then use the decocker (while pointing in a safe direction) to lower the hammer to half-cocked position. "Half-cocked" is actually really only about 1/4-cocked, the hammer is pretty close to being all the way down. Of course, you could go to fully decocked by slowly hand-lowering the hammer while pulling the trigger, but in my opinion that is dangerous (what if your grip on the hammer slips?) and that is one reason to get a decocker model, so you never have to manually lower the hammer on a chambered round.

When the hammer is half-cocked, you have the longer, heavier DA trigger pull as an implicit safety factor. Of course, you need a good holster that keeps the trigger and trigger guard fully protected.

A CZ in half-cocked position will survive a blow and the hammer will not fall. Even if the hammer did fall, the firing pin block would prevent a discharge. If I were to ever drop my CZ RAMI or CZ Phantom, I would absolutely NOT try to catch it. I know it won't discharge when it hits the floor. Better to let if fall and take a scrape than risk my finger going into the trigger guard area as I try to catch it.