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Talk me out of a P239 40

This is a discussion on Talk me out of a P239 40 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just picked up a P239 in 9mm. I shot 116 rounds through it last week and I love it! Very accurate and a lot ...

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Thread: Talk me out of a P239 40

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    I just picked up a P239 in 9mm. I shot 116 rounds through it last week and I love it! Very accurate and a lot lighter than my P-12.45. I ordered several mags from Midway and an OWB from Rhome. This will probably become my #1 carry gun.

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    Well here goes.......I too went and looked at the Sig (nope, never shot one) and held many diffeent varients (regular, SAS, DAK triggers, etc.)...spent lots of time in the stores just fondling them.....great feel and nicely made BUT (ok, again, here goes my try!)....for the size, it is much larger than you think, and not great in the capacity area for its size, and I personally dont like DA/SA transition or the heavy DAK.......have many Glocks but wanted a small 40 that was "comfortable" to for me, I got the PPS in 40...and love it (yes had a few issues as my other posts have shown) but I love it....for me, the most easy kicking 40 cal bar none...and I owned a Glock 27 and hated it.......for the record, I own a Glock 19 and 26 in 9MM and lvoe them, but the 40 was uncomfortable in the 27 and I thought the Sig was just too big for what I was going to use it for. My PPS is not much larger than my Kahr PM9 and packs the same qty of ammo but in 40 and I can shoot it very comfortably.

    Good luck with your search!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peregrine View Post
    I have been looking at CC pistol for a bit and taking in all that this forum has to offer. Thank you.

    At this point I am looking at a P239 in 40. I have a P226/40 that I am quite happy with, but looking for something smaller.

    I'd like to hear about alternatives and the downsides to the P239.


    I also have a P226 in .40 and EDC a P239 in .40. I can conceal both, but the P239 is just easier to make disappear. I was carrying a XDsc, but traded to the P239 so I was using the same "system" so to speak. You'll like the P239.

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    Sorry, I can't help ya, the P239 shoots like a dream and the 40 is a great defensive cartridge. Go ahead and jump!

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    I had one. Terrific gun. If you can conceal a 239 you can conceal a 229 and have way more magazine capacity. I don't like to carry IWB though so it just sat in my desk drawer. Sold it to a good friend so I can still shoot it. Great gun though. Terrific shooter.

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    P239 sort of in between...

    Quote Originally Posted by Peregrine View Post
    I'd like to hear about alternatives and the downsides to the P239.
    I have a P239 in 9mm, plus a variety of other guns. The P239 has many fine qualities, but I would agree with the often cited complaint that it is rather large for its capacity (8+1 rounds in 9mm, 7+1 rounds in .40). The P239 is almost identical in dimensions to the Glock 19 or 23 - I have measured them side by side with a calipers and ruler. Plus the Glocks are lighter weight (empty). When you consider that the G19 gives you 15+1 rounds and the G23 gives you 13+1 rounds, either Glock has a big advantage over the P239, and conceals equally well.

    At the other end of the scale, when I want a highly concealable 9mm I use a Kahr MK9, which is much smaller in dimensions than the P239 and has nearly as much capacity (6+1 or 7+1 for the MK9 vs. 8+1 for the P239). The Kahr is shorter in length, height and thickness than the Sig, and conceals very easily.

    So my bottom line is that the P239 is sort of in between - too large for a moderate capacity 9mm and lacking in high capacity when that is what you want to carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fastball View Post
    I have to say if you're fine with the recoil, forget the 40cal. Go .357sig!!!!

    The .357sig was brought about because, (dare I say it), the .40 ain't doin' so hot on the street. There I said it! It has accuracy issues as well.

    The .357sig however has the knockdown power and penetration for a better one shot stop, (similiar to the 125gr .357 magnum; which is what started this whole 10mm to .40S&W to .357Sig auto cartridge storyline). It's super accurate and the necked cartridge makes it feed and gobble up everything you load in her.

    If the Sig cartridge ain't for you,...I'd personally would go with the 9mm any day over the the .40cal! JMHO
    Well, this post is certainly chock full of BS.

    The .40 S&W makes up about 65-70% of ammo sales to LE. It has an excellent record in actual police shootings. Apparently, somebody thinks that it works ok.

    The .357 Sig was not developed because the .40 doesn't work. The .357 Sig, (which is a hot 9mm, NOT an actual .357) was developed to cash in on the fame of the legendary .357 magnum as a street proven round. It runs a little slower than the ballistics of the old .357 magnum out of a 4" barrel with a 125 grain bullet from most companies. Federal HST in .357 Sig is 1360 fps, vs. the tried and true .357 magnum at an honest 1450 fps from a 4 inch revolver. Speer Gold Dot is 1350 fps, again not up to magnum standards. Expansion and penetration tests show the .357 Sig to be a good cartridge, but not a vast improvement over .40 (which usually penetrates deeper and expands to a bigger diameter) or even good 9mm loads.

    In any event, there is no such thing as "knockdown power" out of a handgun, and there is no such thing as "one shot stop" ratings, other than in the world of junk science.

    As far as the P239...if I'm carrying that much weight around, I'm gonna have some capacity to go with it. 8 or 9 shots in that platform just don't cut it for me.
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    Can't get comfortable with the Glock. I tried.

    This is a CA purchase so the limit is 10 rounds in any event.

    All that being said, I think a P239 in 40 is going to be on a ten day wait for me on Saturday.

    Many thanks for all the replies.


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    Get it.
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    Great choice! I had a P239 in 357sig, and will likely get another in 9mm. It fits my hand better than a Glock.

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    Talk a fellow member out of a gun he likes?
    I couldn't bring myself to do such a thing
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    Go ahead and get it. P239 in .40S&W is my main carry gun, and I really don't feel that I am lacking with 180gr HST in it. Frankly, I think I shoot it better than I do a P229 in the same caliber.
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    I just bought a used 229 40,I like the trigger and overall feel alot,12 +1 rounds of ammo is pretty good
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    I like sigs, I own a 229 in .40.

    The 239 is big and heavy for a single stack pistol.

    If I am going to give up on capacity I at least want something thin and light.

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    Had a 239 with both barrels 357 and 40, I made the mistake of pricing it to a friend and he took me up I wish I had it back. I liked the 357 better.

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