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Talk me out of a P239 40

This is a discussion on Talk me out of a P239 40 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a 239 in 40 which I have since converted to 9mm via Bar-sto conversion barrel. It does shoot better in 9mm. Easier follow ...

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Thread: Talk me out of a P239 40

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    I have a 239 in 40 which I have since converted to 9mm via Bar-sto conversion barrel. It does shoot better in 9mm. Easier follow up shots, and better accuracy + carries one extra round.

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    Not sure I could find the words to talk someone out of a Sig.
    An intruder will be incapacitated by tear gas or oven spray, but if shot with a .357 Magnum will get angry and kill you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaquero 45 View Post
    Well, this post is certainly chock full of BS.

    The .40 S&W makes up about 65-70% of ammo sales to LE. It has an excellent record in actual police shootings. Apparently, somebody thinks that it works ok.

    The .357 Sig was not developed because the .40 doesn't work. The .357 Sig, (which is a hot 9mm, NOT an actual .357) was developed to cash in on the fame of the legendary .357 magnum as a street proven round. It runs a little slower than the ballistics of the old .357 magnum out of a 4" barrel with a 125 grain bullet from most companies. Federal HST in .357 Sig is 1360 fps, vs. the tried and true .357 magnum at an honest 1450 fps from a 4 inch revolver. Speer Gold Dot is 1350 fps, again not up to magnum standards. Expansion and penetration tests show the .357 Sig to be a good cartridge, but not a vast improvement over .40 (which usually penetrates deeper and expands to a bigger diameter) or even good 9mm loads.

    In any event, there is no such thing as "knockdown power" out of a handgun, and there is no such thing as "one shot stop" ratings, other than in the world of junk science.

    As far as the P239...if I'm carrying that much weight around, I'm gonna have some capacity to go with it. 8 or 9 shots in that platform just don't cut it for me.
    Just speaking from personal experience with the 40cal, sir. 4 rounds of Federal police issue HP could not put down an attacking pit bull at less than 10yrds, (2 COM, 2 to the heart and finally 1 to the skull was what it took). If you think this experience is BS, I'd appreciate it if you would keep that to yourself.

    But since you brought it up, here's a little food for thought. So many jumped on the 40cal bandwagon with no "street cred". The need for the better caliber, (the .357Sig), has arose from LE in serious need of a better penetrating round. Plain and simple, the .40 is not cutting it when it comes to car bodies/doors and auto glass, especially angled windshields. I have personally seen a ballistic tests/demo by Winchester, (prompted by the above mentioned pit bull incident), and these numbers that are stated of what the .40 can do.....well, it don't!

    Now with so many of these 40cals in service and the introduction of the superior penetrating caliber, (i.e. .357Sig), it would cost a dept. waaaayyy to much coin to trade in all these 40's for the new caliber out on the market. Why do you think most 40cal weapons are able to be tranformed to a .357Sig with just a barrel swap? Pure luck?

    Believe me if it was strictly for the public and up to the firearms manufacturers, they never would have made these 2 calibers interchangable. Last time I checked they were in it to make money! They would much rather sell you another complete handgun if you wanted the .357Sig, but already had a 40cal., not just a barrel.
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    If this is for carry, a polymer weapon holds more rounds and is much lighter. I liked the 239 but higher capacity/less weight made me go to the HK P2000SK.


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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    from Central Florida!

    You'll like the P-239...I can't talk you out of it, except to buy a Glock.
    nicely said
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    I've seen what adrenaline dumps can do,people shot in the heart running 50 yards before they drop,has nuttin to do with caliber but everything to do with determination,It's not about the size of dog in the fight,but size of fight in the dog,I get shot with a paintball gun up close and I turn into a crying little wussy
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    I really can't talk you out of a Sig. I own three myself. I can say, that when it comes to a small Sig, I didn't choose the P239. I just didn't like the way it felt in my hand with the flat front strap. Also, if I'm going to have the capacity limitations of a single-stack mag, I prefer to have a .45. I settled on a P220 Compact SAS. About the same length, slightly shorter grip (I think) and just a little thicker. 6+1 rounds of .45ACP ready to go.

    If you like the way the P239 feels in your hand, then go for it! It's a Sig!
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    The P239 is one of those CCW you keep. They are small, light, thin and potent with +P rated ammo. Great carry, house or car gun,it's just an excellent gun for defensive purposes. I will never sell mine

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