Found wheel guns easy to trust

Found wheel guns easy to trust

This is a discussion on Found wheel guns easy to trust within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; With my 21st birthday in the next few weeks I have started to look for a pistol to carry. While I haven't been looking to ...

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Thread: Found wheel guns easy to trust

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    Found wheel guns easy to trust

    With my 21st birthday in the next few weeks I have started to look for a pistol to carry. While I haven't been looking to hard my dad offered me a few temporary solutions

    Two Smith and Wesson revolvers that belonged to my grandfather and have been encased in a styrofoam tomb since I was born. He asked me to clean them and get them ready for me and him to start carrying.

    As you may expect from two weapons that haven't been cleaned in 21+ years and where packed up dirty they had rust and gunk all built up, the actions where stiff and the cylinders didn't want to turn as they should. I spent about and hour cleaning the weapons at least enough that I felt that they wouldn't be damaged any more than they where at least till I had time for a more detailed cleaning

    To my surprise after this quick cleaning almost all the rust is gone and both weapons are operating like new! We took them out and put a 100 round though each of them and I started to fall in love with revolvers. (I did clean them again right after this)

    Even the small 5 shot .38 air weight snub was surprisingly accurate. Something that I had considered to only be BUG material has been pushed up the list, quite a lot, as far as weapons I would trust to carry as a primary or sole weapon.

    I guess up till this point I had thought of revolvers as weapons of days gone by. Fine budget weapons when semi-auto's where pricey and you had limited options. Surely not a weapon you would carry in these days and times when you had options that allowed you to carry 14 rounds of this 20 rounds of that. Why would you want to limit your self to 5 or 6? But I understand now, simple weapons that have passed the test of time and have proven to be tough as nails and deadly reliable. Do I still want to Semi-Auto? Yes. Would I carry these 35 year old revolvers and feel just as safe? Yes with out a doubt.

    But anyway, this was my enlightenment.

    I'll try to get some pictures up once I leave work.

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    Yeah, and how many people (not cops in a L.A. shootout) have had to use 10+ rounds? Very few, I bet.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with a revolver. In 99.99% of the cases where a weapon is needed, they will suffice, and admirely so. I don't think the business end of a .38 is any less scary than a .44 Mag.
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    bravo good read. revolvers will always have a special place for me too. I'm glad you have been "enlightened"
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    It's all a compromise, and a question of where you want to draw the line...

    Most of the time, you won't need any gun at all.

    Rarely, you will need to show a gun to defend yourself.

    Very rarely, you will need to fire a few shots to defend yourself.

    Even more rarely, you will need to fire more than a few shots to deal with multiple determined attackers, or those who refuse to stop just because you had the temerity to shoot them.

    Revolvers are fine, except in the last case. In my view, if you can carry a snubbie, you can carry a Glock 26 (or similar) with more than twice the ammo capacity, better sights, less recoil, faster follow-up shots, and a faster reload.

    Revolvers also have a place as BUGs, or for folks who cannot easily rack the slide on a pistol. If you have big pockets, they may print less than a pocket pistol due to the curved shape.

    Whatever you choose - practice and be proficient with it. The person behind the gun matters more than the gun, the caliber, or the bullet used.
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    Atta boy. I have autoloaders but will never be as comfortable with them as with my revolvers. If you are just turning 21 I can tell you that I bought my favorite old Model 19 S&W about 10 years before you were born. She's still sweet as ever and has had nothing but the best of care. Good luck with your guns young friend, and happy birthday to you.

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    I cut my teeth on revolvers and still love them. That being said I carry semi-auto 99.9% of the time. I prefer the larger capacity of a semi for a "just in case" scenario. Would I trust my life to a revolver? Definitely.
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    Good thread....

    I used to shoot Bianchi Cup type competitions every weekend 15 or so years ago with a raced out 1911 compensated auto pistol in 38 Super then I switched to a Highly modified 6" bull barreled 586 S&W because of the reliability. The only time I had an issue with the wheel gun in competition is if on a very minute occasion I brain farted and short stroked the revolver but you could always bring that round around for another strike of the hammer if time allowed.

    I really like revolvers and while I am typing this post I am lightly tapping the ankle holstered S&W 642 on my person right now...Go wheel guns

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    I was thinking of starter a similar thread, but here one is already done. Here are my thoughts;

    I was a die hard semi auto guy, a part of the first generation of LEO's to never have a revolver on their belts. Glocks ruled the roost for 20+ years now.

    About two years ago, I dug out my old M36 and gave it a whirl. I never seriously considered a snub for self defense. I took it to the range and wrung it out... and I sucked. LOL. I shoot at a master level with a semi auto, but I was embarrassed with my level of proficiency on the snub. So, I had a challenge for myself.
    I took a few lessons from a old guy that is simply awesome with a snub. I know I have mentioned him on DC before. The man can barely walk but will really make a J frame sing. He regularly beats out guys shooting high speed low drag wonder autos on pin night. In fact, when he shows up, a lot of guys pull their cards and shoot a different class. He showed me a lot of tricks and techniques that I think have been long forgotten by the new generation of shooters.

    I also went and shot shoot houses and did all kinds of crazy things with the M36. I even shot our SWAT qualification with a 5 shot J frame. That made their range staff pay attention to me. It also caused a lot of controversy.

    At this point I've convinced myself that a J frame is hardly an out dated tool for a person interested in self preservation. In fact, it was just the opposite. Getting lost in all the wonder guns, the gold standard of self defense was pushed aside, given the out of the way corner in dealers display cases and often over looked in favor of the "Hollywood" guns.

    I went out and bought a new 442. I did every thing I could think of with the 442. I took a lot of shooting classes, just to see if the J frame could hang with the pack of Glocks, Sigs etc. As long as I did my part, the J frame was right there. Thanks to my old school mentors, I also learned that the mighty J could also do a lot that the wonder autos could not.

    And... dare I say it... the J frame is just a classy gun. A classy classic. Its easy to carry in whatever method works for you. Ankle, pocket, shoulder or on the belt. It doesn't matter. Mine has become my everyday gun, much to my own surprise.

    I think I'm going to go clean it now.
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    Five or six "for sure" is pretty comforting. As a "dummy" who sold his old duty and off-duty Smiths(and a non authorized Ruger Security-Six)when we Glock'd up.....BE SMART AND CHERISH THOSE REVOLVERS!!Good Luck!
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    I started with Smith revolvers and still love them today... Nothing wrong with carrying one either. I often carry a 5-shot S&W snub. Those guns are classics, carry them with pride...
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    A 5 shot .38 is my EDC and the only pistol I own (although I would love more). I do trust it without hesitation.
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    Yep to all of the above, and well, they're just downright pretty too
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with revolvers. Everyone should own at least one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yzcrasher View Post
    A 5 shot .38 is my EDC and the only pistol I own (although I would love more). I do trust it without hesitation.
    You are without a doubt, a master of self-discipline.

    Beware the man that owns one gun. He probably knows how to use it.
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    A revolver is worthy of one's trust. It is a very dependable personal self defense weapon.

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