Looking for Suggestions

Looking for Suggestions

This is a discussion on Looking for Suggestions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sorry in advance for the long post. I'm going to try to explain my position as best I can. I'm also looking for suggestions. My ...

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    Looking for Suggestions

    Sorry in advance for the long post. I'm going to try to explain my position as best I can. I'm also looking for suggestions.

    My wife and I recently took a CHL class, it was the NRA basic pistol along with additional material as required by Ohio. During the range time the instructor determined that our primary home defense pistol does not fit my wife's hands appropriately. This impacted her ability to accurately and comfortably shoot it.

    The pistol is a S&W908 DA/SA 9mm. She has large hands for a woman (she is 5'11") and it is too small for her to grip correctly. She ends up placing too much of her finger on the trigger and then it gets pinched between the back of the trigger and the back of the triggerguard. The instructor had her shoot a Ruger p89 (I think) and it was much better. She had no problems shooting it and was much more accurate. She also held a PO SlimHawg and it was too small as well.

    I showed her how I pull the trigger on the 908 and she attempted to do that. She did not have the hand strength to overcome the DA component.

    After the class we (the wife and I) determined that we need to look for a new pistol for home defense and also get some ideas for a carry pistol for her.

    First priority is a new pistol for home defense. She can shoot the 908 but she wants something that fits her better so she can be more confident in it. I want to stay in the 9mm caliber as I have a good supply already available.

    Second priority is a pistol for her to carry eventually. Due to her job she can't carry 5 days a week (not allowed either at work or even in the parking lot in her vehicle) so she isn't set on carry regularly yet but wants to eventually. So I'm taking my time and just glad she sees the reasons behind why I will carry and had her eyes opened and her "bubble" burst so to speak about Concealed carry.

    I have the opportunity to borrow from my Dad's gunsafe a doublestack 9mm I think the 469 from S&W and also a Ruger either p89 or p95 (i forget which). So those are the easiest options if they fit her hands. She did like the feel of a Walther PPS .40S&W with the larger backstrap when she tried one a friend has.

    Any suggestions for models to look at when we venture to a gunshop in the next couple of weeks?

    I thought of the models I am aware of that have adjustable grips: M&P, PPS, P250, XD(m)?

    Any other ideas or suggestions? We are planning on taking our time and getting her hands on as many different models as possible.

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    My suggestion is keeping in mind a weapon that you can actually conceal. Some of what you have listed (the Rugers) are quite big.

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    Glock 17, or 19, due to reliability and ease of use. After that Sig P228 or P226, whichever fits her hand better. May even look for a Beretta 92 FS The market is flooded with them which keeps the prices reasonable compared to retail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddyfish View Post
    My suggestion is keeping in mind a weapon that you can actually conceal. Some of what you have listed (the Rugers) are quite big.
    First off I want to get a pistol for home defense. Size at that point is not a problem. I want a pistol she can shoot accurately and comfortably so that she will do some range time with me.

    Second pistol will be for her to carry. That's not the priority at this time. But suggestions to further get the bug in her head are welcome.

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    I would recommend that she handle the Glock 19 (9mm), if it feels good, try to find a place to test fire one. The only addition/substitution to the pistol, that I would encourage, would be the XS Big Dot sights. Training and practice would make her more than comfortable with this platform. Not only would it be a good home defense pistol, it would also be more than suitable for a carry weapon. JMO
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    I would second the 19 if she is comfortable with it. If she decided to carry it could still be easily done and can be loaded with different mags. I have a 26 and I must add I just installd XS sites and wow. I like.

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    You (she) should consider her conceal carry method as well. In her purse, or on her side. That may dictate the pistol size.
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    If your only concern is home defense, I would suggest a shotgun. Either in 12 gauge (if she can handle the recoil with buckshot) or a 20 gauge.

    Some to consider are Remington 870 pump action, Mossberg 500 pump action, Stoeger, Maverick, and others.

    A semi-auto action will help dampen recoil, if that is an issue.

    If you need to move through the house (say, to secure children) then a handgun would be better - easier to move in a home with it, and it leaves one hand free for the kids, lights, and the phone. Otherwise, if you are just wanting something to protect you while you are holed up in your safe room, the shotgun would be better.

    As far as handgun suggestions, it really is best for her to go to a gun store and try as many different ones as she can to see what fits. Hopefully, they will have a range so she can shoot them before you buy. A DAO trigger may be easier for her to pull than a DA/SA trigger.

    Good luck, and have fun in the process.
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    Do your best to rent or borrow the gun you plan to buy.

    I tend to recommend a XD model since I have the XD9sc and both my girlfriend and I love it. I haven't had a single issue with it so i have no worries when recommending it.

    Glocks, M&P's, and XD's are all very similar and all seem to be reliable. You'll hear very few issues with those models. They have their slight differences so be sure to compare them closely.

    Like i said, try to rent or shoot one before buying.


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