Changing your EDC and why?

Changing your EDC and why?

This is a discussion on Changing your EDC and why? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many here have changed their EDC handgun in the last year, and why the change? I for one went from a Kel Tec PF9 ...

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Thread: Changing your EDC and why?

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    Changing your EDC and why?

    How many here have changed their EDC handgun in the last year, and why the change?

    I for one went from a Kel Tec PF9 to Kel Tec P3AT because of the need for deeper concealment.
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    I went from a P32 to a Glock 26 and a P32. I moved my P32 to my weakside front pocket. I carry the 26 in a Smartcarry.I think my reason being I couldnt figure out how to conceal anything larger without risk of being made. I have carried the P32 for 4+ years and it just feels at home in my pocket but I do like having a little something more if a threat ever presents itself.

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    I changed my BUG because I like more rounds than what I had.
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    Went from a 1911 to a KT PF9. Wanted a lighter carry.

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    The need to find a quality built holster for my 9mm. And at times, being lazy. My LCP is easy to drop in a front pocket compared to a OWB holster cover issues.
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    My gun du jour is subject to change at whim. It could be a J frame one day, a K frame, a N frame or a 1911 the next.
    Depending on what the plans for the day are and the weather factors into my choice.
    I'm home with the daughter for most of the day today and carrying the 1911. Tomorrow? Sunday is a day at the range, and it's the K frames turn to go out and play.
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    I've been carrying a xd9 service model. I just bought a p250c. after I get to the range with the sig and break it in I will start carrying it and just see which I am more comfortable with. I dont think there's a problem with having multiple carry guns, as long as you're comfortable and confident with each of them
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    After carrying an HK USPc for many years, I switched back to the 1911 platform. I originally switched to the HK from the 1911 because of capacity and how much I liked the HK. lt was an easy switch for me due to the fact that I could still carry cocked and locked. I am a big fan of having the same trigger pull every time.

    About a month ago, I purchased a Wilson Combat CQB Compact. It has become my EDC because I shoot it better than my HK and it is a little easier for me to conceal. The original reason (capacity) of moving the the HK has become less of an issue for me. As well, I have also been reminded (after shooting the CQB) how much better the trigger on a 1911 can be than the HK.
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    I went from a Smith and Wesson 637 to a Glock 26. I wanted to not worry about sweating on it, higher capacity, quicker reload, and a more widely available (and cheaper) caliber with more options. .38 Special is hard to find here.
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    Funny, my switch was a PF9 to an LCP for the need for deeper concealment, and speed of carry method. PF9 was in a SmartCarry which needed to be stored, brought out, adjusted, etc. multiple times per day. With the LCP in a hidden pocket, it just stays in there and is with me as quickly as putting on my pants.

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    I went from a S&W Sigma to a Springfield XD9sc. I switched because when I bought the Sigma I had no intention of getting my carry permit. Once I got my permit I quickly realized the Sigma was a little bigger than I wanted to carry around.

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    I'm in the process of going from Walther PPK/s to Colt New Agent. I wanted to upgrade my caliber, and after testing out many options, the size/weight to caliber ratio of the New Agent won out. It's a great size, lightweight (not the lightest, but good enough), and it shoots beautifully. Won't make the switch until I get another couple of hundred rounds through it.
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    I switched from a full size 1911 to a full size M&P 9 because I wanted a lighter gun to carry, more capacity, and cheaper training ammo.
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    Hate to admit it, but I find myself carrying my LCP in my front pocket more and more, instead of my G26/Smartcarry. I put on a few pounds after the birth of our daughter (eating in lieu of sleep) and the backstrap of the Glock started to bother me.

    Hopefully I can lose the weight now that our daughter is sleeping a bit better, and get back to the G26.

    My concealment needs run more to "covert" (can't afford to alarm the sheep by having them notice or bump into the gun) so the only things that have worked for me are pocket carry and the Smartcarry.
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    I change my EDC based on my mood, the weather, what I'm doing that particular day, or any other number of reasons. Whether it's my G19, G26, CW9, Kimber Ultra, 642 or LCP, I'm comfortable with all of them...
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