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Walther PPK/S adequate for carry?

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Thread: Walther PPK/S adequate for carry?

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    Nothing wrong with the PPK chap.

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    a big + 1 !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maclean3
    Heh heh, at least you said "almost!"
    Isn't the Bersa based on the Sig 230/232 design? How much length difference is there between it and the Walther?
    Hey, Jack, sorry I never responded to this. Actually the Bersa Thunder 380, the Sig P230/232, the Makarov, and the PPK are all based to some extent on the original Walther PP. In my estimation the Sig deviates the most from the design. The Sig continues certain things that Sig does. The P230/232 use the standard Sig decocker in the traditional location. The Sig does not have a slide stop which the others all have. The Sigs and the Maks use the European mag release, but the Bersa uses the American style behind the trigger guard. The Walthers, Maks, and Bersas have the safety/decocking lever in the same location on the slide. The Walthers and Bersas have the lever down for safe and up for fire. The Russians followed the style preferred by John Moses Browning and have the push down to fire lever on the Mak.

    As for size difference the Bersa, Sig, Mak, and Walther are pretty much the same size. They are all around 6.5" in length, 4.5" in height, 1.2" in width, and have barrels of about 3.5" in length. Except for the Mak they weigh form 18 to 23 oz. The Mak weighs nearer to 28 oz. To be more correct in the length difference between the Bersa and the PPK: the Bersa and Sig P230/232 are 6.6" and the PPK is 6.25". So the difference is .35" or less than 3/8".

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    Love my PPK

    I bought my PPK right after I turned 21. It was used but looked mint. Some things I've learned about the PPK after 10 years:

    1. Doesn't like cheap reloads.

    2. Shoots any brand new ammo just fine.

    3. Aim high on that first shot, or your assailant might be alive, though impotent. I still, after, hundreds of rounds of practice, cannot get that first shot where I WANT it. It still hits the target, though.

    4. Has gotten me out of at least one moving violation. LEO's around here love nice metal. "He's carrying a PPK....he ain't bad," followed by a comment about persons of questionable character carrying "cheap potmetal" (read: Hi-Point).

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    If your comfortable with the ppk or any of its cousins(bersa, sig 232, makarov, etc.) then go for it. Is the .380 effective?? It was used in europe as a military sidearm for years, so in my opinion yes. Would I prefer a 9mm, .40, .45 or whatever?? Of course. Bigger is better as long as you can hit the target with it. If you dont like the recoil then dont go bigger. I'd rather get a full clip of hits out of a .22 beretta then miss every shot with a .45 1911. Its been said before, and will be said many times after this - shot placement is the key. If your good with the .380 you'll have no problems with it. And yes the walther is a wonder little package.

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