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Need small cal shrouded hammer revolver

This is a discussion on Need small cal shrouded hammer revolver within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; J Frame in .38 (any more is a handfull for anybody in a J-frame and 2nd shot is slow due to time back on target). ...

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Thread: Need small cal shrouded hammer revolver

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    J Frame in .38 (any more is a handfull for anybody in a J-frame and 2nd shot is slow due to time back on target). You may wanna look at a 3 finger grip for it and if she (or you) decide to carry it you can put the smaller grips on...once she is comfortable with the gun.

    I would also add laser home you will have 0 issue with the larger frame/longer grips of going with a 3 finger grip J-Frame or larger framed weapon.
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    Isn't the new .327 Federal supposed to be easier to shoot with less recoil? You might find a range that rents and try this option.
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    Whadda bout a soft major cal load, rather than a mouse load? I had my sweetie armed with an SP101, loaded with 148gr HBWC target rounds.
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    I had a Dan Wessen 44mag and it had ports on the top end of the barrel to repress recoil.... I don't know if anyone makes 'em like that for a short barrel pistol... But if they do that might be worth giving it a shot(NPI)....
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    I handload for the range and make my .38 Spl feel nearly as soft as a .22lr. My friends love 'em. I have a 2" Taurus 85UL which is great, but I changed the grip to a longer Hogue number so that I had a place for my pinky. It helps in getting a full grip on the gun.

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    Thanks, all. I'll take a look at these revolvers tonight. I guess I didn't know what I was talking about when I said shrouded hammer. I meant that as long as there was nothing to snag it would be good.

    I'll have to go with something inexpensive and light. I know that if it were heavier it would have less recoil but if its heavy she would never carry it.

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    Another vote here for the 642
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