Very Interesting......check it out.

Very Interesting......check it out.

This is a discussion on Very Interesting......check it out. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Finally, A Sensible Gun Registration Plan That Will Work Vermont State Rep. Fred Maslack has read the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as well ...

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Thread: Very Interesting......check it out.

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    Very Interesting......check it out.

    Finally, A Sensible Gun Registration Plan That Will Work

    Vermont State Rep. Fred Maslack has read the Second Amendment

    to the U.S. Constitution, as well as Vermont 's own Constitution

    very carefully, and his strict interpretation of these documents

    is popping some eyeballs in New England and elsewhere.

    Maslack recently proposed a bill to register "non-gun-owners"

    and require them to pay a $500 fee to the state. Thus Vermont

    would become the first state to require a permit for the luxury

    of going about unarmed and assess a fee of $500 for the privilege

    of not owning a gun.

    Maslack read the "militia" phrase of the Second Amendment as not

    only affirming the right of the individual citizen to bear arms,

    but as a clear mandate to do so. He believes that universal gun

    ownership was advocated by the Framers of the Constitution as

    an antidote to a "monopoly of force" by the government as well

    as criminals.

    Vermont 's constitution states explicitly that "the people have

    a right to bear arms for the defense of themselves and the State"

    and those persons who are "conscientiously scrupulous of bearing

    arms" shall be required to "pay such equivalent." Clearly, says

    Maslack, Vermonters have a constitutional obligation to arm

    themselves, so that they are capable of responding to "any

    situation that may arise."

    Under the bill, adults who choose not to own a firearm would be

    required to register their name, address, Social Security Number,

    and driver's license number with the state. "There is a legitimate

    government interest in knowing who is not prepared to defend the

    state should they be asked to do so," Maslack says.

    Vermont already boasts a high rate of gun ownership along with the

    least restrictive laws of any state... it's currently the only state

    that allows a citizen to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

    This combination of plenty of guns and few laws regulating them has

    resulted in a crime rate that is the third lowest in the nation.

    " America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within

    the system, but too early to shoot the ********."

    This makes sense! There is no reason why gun owners should have

    to pay taxes to support police protection for people not wanting

    to own guns. Let them contribute their fair share and pay their

    own way.

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    An interesting proposal, but not very realistic. It sounds a lot like like the rediculous rhetoric the anti-gunners use.

    A "right" to do anything doesn't make it mandatory. It simply implies that you can if you choose to do so.

    I have the "right" to stand on the street corner and present my views about anything to anyone. But, that doesn't mean I "have" to. (I wish a lot of people didn't use that right.) Otherwise, we're going to need a lot more street corners.

    I have the "right" to vote, but I don't have to. Then I'm stuck with everyone else's choice. But that would be my choice.
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    Honestly there are a lot of people who dont have guns...that I wouldnt want to have guns.
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    A "right" to do anything doesn't make it mandatory. It simply implies that you can if you choose to do so.
    1 agree 100%!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    A "right" to do anything doesn't make it mandatory. It simply implies that you can if you choose to do so.
    Not so, IF the state constitution reads as stated "Vermonters have a constitutional obligation to arm themselves", then this action is quite possable.

    However, this would never get passt the crazy liberal left.

    Im no lawyer but it would be nice to see nationwide, I wonder what the ACLU's take is on this.
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    An interesting point. I like the progressive attitude. It's not unlike the "shall issue" legislation being passed across the country; just a bit too extreme.

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    It could be looked at as an equalizer to the left... If you keep pushing to disarm America, we'll start being more assertive towards the right... Just a thought.
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    So, doesn't anyone see a problem with having to register one way or the other?

    My opinion is that the less the government gets involved in ANYTHING the better. The consequences of not being armed when necessary is enough of a punishment for those who choose not to own a firearm.

    As far as it being a REQUIREMENT in the Vermont constitution, if they haven't enforced it before now, they aren't likely to start now. Frivolous legislation in my opinion. We have better things to be dealing with.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    This has been floating around for quite a while. It's not a current event, but it is novel...

    Alphecca Vermont to Register Non-Gun Owners?
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    I can see the sign at the border now:

    "Welcome to Vermont. If you do not have a gun, we will issue one to you. If you choose not to carry it, you will receive a ticket. Thank you for visiting. Come back soon.
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    This Vermont Rep should be President of the USA with a Pro 2A Congress.
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    Why instead of assessing a $500 fine for not owning a gun, the county imposes a year sentence in jail?

    Joking aside.. I am very pro gun and I think most people should carry but it is completely unrealistic to think this would catch on.

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