How many people WANTED to like a Glock and got something else instead?

This is a discussion on How many people WANTED to like a Glock and got something else instead? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't want this to turn into a Glock vs. --- battle thread. Just curious how people's decision making process went because it seems like ...

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Thread: How many people WANTED to like a Glock and got something else instead?

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    How many people WANTED to like a Glock and got something else instead?

    I don't want this to turn into a Glock vs. --- battle thread. Just curious how people's decision making process went because it seems like a lot of people went down this path.

    For me, I really wanted to like the Glock 19 when I first got into all of this. It was the one I wanted to like. But after shooting it, it just didn't feel as good in my hand as the M&P and the trigger really got to be painful to my finger after 100 rounds. But still I persisted and ordered the 19. I mean, afterall, its a Glock. And then shortly before it came in I started firing the M&P again and realized just how much more comfortable it was to me. Trigger was super comfortable and the grip just seemed to feel right, so I am now the proud owner of an M&P9c and love it. Glock makes great guns, no doubt. Just wasn't the perfect one for me.

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    Similar thing with a glock compared to my xd. The xd just fit me better. Thats why these different gun manufacturers are successful. They make different products that suite different people needs.

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    That describes my first gun purchase exactly. I was the kid that fell in love with the Glock (don't know why) when the Die Hard movies came out. When I finally went out to fondle, research & fire various pistols prior to "pulling the trigger" on my first purchase I realized that I just did not like the way they felt in my hand. I still like them...for some unknown reason....and continue to shoot my friends .40 (G22?) in the hopes that I'll change my mind. No dice. I would like to try out a G36...I think the single stack may feel better in my hand.

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    I used to hate 'Bricks', er...Glocks. I thought that they looked and felt like bricks, ugly bricks.
    I went the Beretta route first...years ago. Then I switch to 1911's and that's all I shot and carried. Then I picked up a Glock-36, and it felt great in the hand. I started carrying it on my Harley, my Harley gun.
    After a couple of gun courses in which I used both my Kimbers and my Glock, the Glock started to lead the pack, and now my Glock-36 is my EDC. My second Glock was the '26, my third and fourth will be...
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    Glock just never did anything for me to get excited about...Nice guns but wouldnt own one mainly because the grip angle dosent suit me.

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    Reading this post brings back many memories. I too liked the Glocks "because" they were glocks. I bought the 36 and shot it a lot but could just never shoot it very well. I went to a Kahr and loved the bugger. Then I decided that maybe I did not give the glock a good chance since everyone told me that glocks were it. So I bought another. Again, jsut didn't seem to fit so I went the XD SC route, about as good a gun as you can find. I started shooting IDPA and tried and went nuts for the M&P .40. Again just felt great in my hand and shot great too. I know and would never say that glocks are not really fine firearms, but just not for me. I have never heard of anyone having a problem with them, just some people do not like how they feel. Angle of the grip seems to be the issue. Anyway, thankfully there are lots of guns out there and like cars or electronics or whatever there are choices. Get what feels good to you and shoots well.

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    Started with revolvers then 1911's, then Glocks, then 1911's and now revolvers. Go figure, the Glock is a modern masterpiece but the combination of grip angle and the worst trigger I have ever used made me get rid of all but my G32....

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    I really wanted to like a Glock 26, I was looking for something bigger than my PM9. But with one grab of that horrible handle, I was quickly looking for something else. I grabbed a hold of the M&P compact, did some research, and went back 4 days later and bought one. It shoots like a dream, has a more natural point for me, and has 3 interchangeable backstraps. The M&P was the best choice in that size gun IMO.
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    There are many guns out there with a feel I like just as much as a Glock, maybe a little better. But I draw my Glock and my eye goes right to the front sight like its a natural. Dont hold it against any one who like other guns, just like my Glock for me.
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    I don't dislike Glock but I don't find them comfortable to hold. I can shoot them well and I know they are reliable but for ME there are better choices out there. They make great choices for others and I'll never bash them.
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    My last purchase came down to either a Glock 30 (there Baby .45) or a Taurus PT145. I got the Taurus PT145. I like the Taurus but someday might still get a Glock 30.
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    I have a 19 and a 26 and they are great. But when I started looking at full size 45's, the XD45 fit me much better in my hand than the G21... There are too many good choices out there, no one should have to settle for an ill fitting handgun...
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    I wanted to hate Glocks; I was a died-in-the-wool HK fan...if it wasn't HK, it was crap. A buddy had his G23 have a minor kB (seperated case head), so therefore, I hated the Glock.

    Until "The Day".

    Local shop had a 10% off sale; I was looking at a Sig 239 9mm, and a Glock 36. I picked up the G36, tried the trigger...huh...this isn't all that bad. Got the dealer to reduce it a little bit more than 10%...and ended up owning a Glock.

    Now, I own seven.

    Guns that I really wanted to like but just couldn't--the Sig P226 SAS, and the XDm.
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    I was sure I was going to get a G36, fit my hand ok and I shot it ok. Then I was told I should try a PT 145. It was like it was designed for my hand, and i had a little extra cash for more ammo.

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    I have a Glock I tried to talk myself into thinking id "get used to" the grips..I never im in the process of either

    1. Getting a grip job/reduction(improvement) done to it so it will fit my hand right.


    2. Trading it in or selling it and getting something else..I wish I could find one of those new Ruger SR9C's around here lol.

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