Practical uses for this new KelTec PMR30??

Practical uses for this new KelTec PMR30??

This is a discussion on Practical uses for this new KelTec PMR30?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There's rumblings all over the internet, and a sort of quiet hype it seems -- I wonder if most of the excitement and anticipation is ...

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Thread: Practical uses for this new KelTec PMR30??

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    Practical uses for this new KelTec PMR30??

    There's rumblings all over the internet, and a sort of quiet hype it seems -- I wonder if most of the excitement and anticipation is almost solely because of this massive 30 round magazine. And even a pic. rail for lasers/lights? Seems like it would be a blast to shoot with little to no recoil and 30 rounds in a row. But is it too big for a BUG? Range toy? I'm not sure what to make of it except that I sort of want it. It comes with two mags and will supposedly sell in the 400-450 range I've read...

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    As a BUG? That thing is enormous. Not to mention it's not the caliber that I would want to carry for SD.

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    A 30rd .22Mag auto pistol with a 4"+ barrel.

    Hunting: 30rd mag is useless

    Carry: Size vs. Caliber is in the negative column.

    Target shooting: Cost of .22WMR vs. .22LR is in the negative column.

    Bullseye Shooting: No optic mount on top rail is in the negative column.

    Fun at the range. That I can see, but to what advantage over a good .22LR target pistol? 30rd mags? Who cares it's a .22 and in a state with hi-cap prohibitions it's a 10rd gun anyway.

    Give me the same gun in .22LR with a weaver rail on top and I'd probably buy one as a backup for my Browning.

    About the only "reason" I see for this gun is if you're a severely arthritic person looking for something with a little more punch than a pocket .22 in a good sized gun.

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    Pretty heavy .22 mag...IMHO...not a carry around plinker.
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    It seems like an answer to something that wasn't asked for. I like 22s, and I like the thought of a 22 mag semi-auto, but cut it down to a pocket-sized version and it could have some merit. Not a round I'd want to depend on for SD even in a pocket size with the proliferation of light pocket-sized 380s and 9mms...not to mention the snubbies in 38 and 357.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach and Holly View Post
    There's rumblings all over the internet, and a sort of quiet hype it seems
    I think you answered your own question.
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    I think some will just like it for it's looks and novelty but I don't see it being practial at all. I love the .22 mag but they're pricey nowadays. Can't see blasting away 30 rounds with open sights.

    Still Keltec has a loyal following and many will buy it for that reason alone. I see this in the same category as a Tarus Judge, a fun range gun.


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    alot of guys used the original Grendel 30 rd 22 mag pistols for shooting bayed hogs...they were deadly for that...

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    I could have a lot of fun plinking with it. Nailing pop cans and such.

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    I kind of see this as a poor man's FN Five-seveN, except that it holds 10 more rounds of a more commonly found round. If you look at them side by side you can almost see a resemblance. To me neither is pretty to look at.

    I'm with JD, I'd rather have one in .22lr hopefully with a slightly slimmer grip to go with the shorter round.
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    Its just like my AMT automag II, it seemed like a good idea at the time!!!
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