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I know what I'm saving my pennies for, how about you?

This is a discussion on I know what I'm saving my pennies for, how about you? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Spoken like a Woman Patti, I think You should have it all. You deserve it....

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Thread: I know what I'm saving my pennies for, how about you?

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    Spoken like a Woman Patti, I think You should have it all. You deserve it.

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    Yup, for life!

    Seriously, 6 kids, almost 50, and I have small hands

    that eliminates almost every full size or doublestack firearm. Can't buy a custom built 1911 so on my list is the Springfield GI Champion. I'll mod it to end up with the basic commander sized .45 I want with just the right options.

    Then I call it good and work on "refining"; like getting my K9 front strap checkered, getting a suppressor for my .22's, you know....:)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moga View Post
    Me: 1/7 barreled M16A4 clone with free float rail, Rainier comp/FH, MIAD grip, and Vickers two point. Irons only. I want to get into Appleseed this year.
    I applaud your desire to get into the Appleseed Project! At my first one I could only stay for Day One, but at my second I was thrilled to make Rifleman. My strong suggestion is to start off with a 10/22 and get your feet wet with all the challenges of training and NPOA with low-cost ammo, then step up to centerfire. I'm currently out of commission with a back repair healing up, but I hope to make to another Appleseed and dig my heels in with either one of my ARs or a borrowed M1A.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Mallonee View Post
    For the woman you can't live without.

    Hoo-leeey Crap! I would love to buy that for her. She would freakin love it. She has shot my buddy's Ultra Raptor....Loved the 1911. Not sure if she'll be getting a Wilson before me

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    That thing is cool. My wife didn't like the XD9sc I got her, so I traded it for a Ruger GP 100 6 inch. I'm just going to wait for her to tell me what she wants.
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    For me it's looking like these:

    Dan Wesson VBOB

    Sig 238 HD

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    Scuba, good idea. My wife likes my xd9sc...but wants an SP101 now. Funny, I almost bought her one a few months back and decided not to. If I picked it she probably wouldn't like it...let her pick it and she'll love it. OK...sorry everyone, not trying to jack the thread.

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    Sorry, I lied... I wan't THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Witness Elite Gold Team

    I can't put the photo in, because its too awesome! and by awesome I mean big for the screen

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    My next thre purchases (in order of finding an example used at a good price): S&W 65 round butt 3" barrel, Marlin 1894CSS (might need to go new on that one), and a SxS 12 ga (double trigger, internal hammer, ejectors). Reloading components are also on the list. After that I'd rather spend some $ modifying what I have with a good smith, smoothing it up and making the best of it.

    My "at some point in the probably distant future" list: S&W M&P340, Caspian titanium Commander frame and stainless slide, factory fit and assembled with good components by a quality smith.

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    My next purchase will be a S&W Model 40.

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    Ah, so many guns...so little time.

    Anyhow, I'm saving up my pennies for a Ruger 22/45 (priority) and also for a Glock 36.
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    Great topic, I am pretty satisfied with my collection. Being a southpaw shooter and having to adjust to right handed firearms all my life, I am now on the hunt for left handed firearms. A left handed Randall 1911 for EDC would suit me just fine but the collectors have them priced accordingly. Take care...Jeff

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    Well since this turned into a collect list...
    I just got my Mossberg 500!
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    The only gaping hole in my collection is a shotgun... leaning toward a Benelli M4...
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    Go the AR this year, think I'm going to pick up a shotgun next year.
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